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How to apply EN54 fire alarm systems in the Middle East and Africa?
Bosch Building Technologies works closely with authorities and safety institutions to create innovative products that make the world safer and more secure. In this webinar, we teamed up with the VdS institution to give you a closer look at why EN54 is a viable alternative to UL due to meeting equally high standards.
Effective fire and smoke detection solution for sheltered outdoor applications
Detecting fires in sheltered outdoor areas is hard due to wind influences and fires spreading quickly. In this webinar our experts show you how our fire and smoke detection camera AVIOTEC enables fire detection also in challenging weather conditions and how integrated AI-supported algorithms reduce unwanted false alarms and optimize detection reliability.
Remote Services for Bosch Fire Alarm Systems
In this webinar, we present Bosch technology that can provide the greatest support to system integrators and end users dealing with different fire systems in different locations. We show how Remote Connect, Remote Maintenance and Remote Alert can make your service and maintenance activities more efficient. We also introduce you the latest addition to our Remote Services Portfolio: our Remote Interact with Remote Fire Safety mobile phone application.
Overcoming the challenges of fire safety in the paper industry
In this webinar, we demonstrate how AVIOTEC video-based fire detection cameras quickly detect smoke and flames directly at the source, thereafter alerting safety teams before the fire has a chance to spread. This artificial intelligence-based solution offers a new approach to fire detection that ensures employee safety while reducing unforeseeable downtimes and equipment damage.

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