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AVENAR keypad 8000

The new AVENAR panel 2000 and 8000

The new components of the AVENAR system

During the development, Bosch drew on valuable market feedback and various customer wishes. The result? A new generation of panel controllers combining evolutionary appearance with revolutionary technology. Intuitive user interface, simplified planning and purchasing process, proven modular concept – all of that you can find in one solution. Meet the new Bosch AVENAR fire alarm panels 2000 and 8000 that are able to fulfill future demands – already today.

Completely modular

AVENAR panel adapts to the nature and size of the facility’s application. The result is a flexible and tailored system that you can cost-effectively extend. You only buy the components that you really need!

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Fully controllable

Do you want to be in full control over your safety system?

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Voice alarm integrating

Excited to check out which voice alarm systems can be connected by Smart Safety Link?

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AVENAR keypad 8000
AVENAR keypad 8000

Remotely serviceable

Innovative technology from Bosch allows system integrators to provide seamless 24/7 remote support and enhanced performance. It is a secure, efficient way to monitor, maintain and service fire detection equipment remotely.

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Efficiently networked

AVENAR panel offers a distributed architecture for campus solutions and can be equipped with multiple interfaces for an extended range of applications.

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With a Bosch safety system, your equipment retains its value because AVENAR panel is compatible with your installed base and includes interfaces to legacy systems. This safeguards previous investments as the technologies continue to evolve.

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AVENAR panel
AVENAR panel
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