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MIC inteox 7100i cameras support predictive solutions

April 2021

MIC inteox 7100i cameras support predictive solutions

A new world of possibilities for extreme environments with machine learning, deep neural network-based video analytics, and third-party software apps.

Bosch has introduced MIC inteox 7100i cameras; new models in the MIC family that are built on the Bosch open camera platform – INTEOX. A platform this is set to revolutionize the security and safety industry and benefit customers, system integrators and app developers. The new MIC inteox cameras share the same distinctive characteristics as the rest of the MIC camera family, such as robust housing and high-quality imaging, and support predictive solutions with machine learning, deep neural network-based video analytics and third-party software apps for customized applications.

Supporting predictive solutions

MIC inteox supports predictive solutions

The MIC inteox 7100i cameras support predictive solutions, thanks to built-in Intelligent Video Analytics that uses metadata to add sense and structure to video footage. This enables the cameras to understand what they are seeing. They also employ machine learning capabilities, deep neural network-based video analytics, and allow third-party software apps for customized applications.

This is an important step in converting video data into actionable insights and building predictive solutions, helping users anticipate unforeseen events so they can prevent them from happening. For example, in tough, city surveillance applications, the MIC inteox 7100i cameras can detect abnormalities in behaviors, provide density data and alert traffic operators with insightful data they can act on. Helping to prevent unwanted situations. By adding third-party software apps to INTEOX cameras, system integrators can easily customize security systems, enabling them to go beyond their basic functionality. In turn, app developers can leverage the camera's metadata, deep neural network-based video analytics, and machine learning to introduce innovative new software to the market.

Camera Trainer

The intuitive Camera Trainer functionality is also featured on the MIC inteox 7100i cameras. This machine learning capability gives system integrators the ability to continually update and ‘educate’ the camera about new user-defined objects and situations within a scene. The camera then retains this new information and uses it to process future scenes. For example, with Camera Trainer, operators can teach the system to recognize occupied and free parking spots and receive alerts when all spots are occupied. This application delivers reliable insights to optimize traffic flow and prevent unwanted situations.

MIC inteox with Camera Trainer

Tailored for traffic applications

MIC inteox is tailored for traffic applications

The OC models of the MIC inteox 7100i are made specifically for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications. Powered by the edge computation capabilities of the INTEOX platform, the MIC inteox 7100i OC models present a novelty in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). They offer Traffic Detector, an additional video analytics feature based on deep neural networks (DNN) that helps distinguish and classify automobiles in congested scenes with precise detail. Possible disturbances caused by vehicle headlights or shadows are ignored, uncovering new ways to improve mobility, safety, and the efficient use of roadways. The actionable insights delivered by the cameras’ Traffic Detector help detect the presence and volume of vehicles to intelligently control traffic lights and keep traffic flowing when monitoring intersections. These insights can also enhance Automatic Incident Detection (AID) solutions to improve the safety of people and vehicles in tunnels and on highways.

Driven by OSSA

The MIC inteox 7100i is also classified as “Driven by OSSA.” This signifies that the cameras follow the Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA) Technology Stack for video security devices, ensuring seamless connectivity with the Azena Application Store. The cameras also allow for the easy creation of customized software apps that can be deployed on MIC inteox 7100i cameras at any time. Market players can mix and match apps from the Azena Application Store or develop software apps to create new, novel solutions. This offers a new world of possibilities to help build predictive solutions.

INTEOX cameras are driven by OSSA

Superb performance and rugged design

MIC inteox cameras range from a 4K model featuring optical image stabilization to a 1080p model in a base, or an enhanced version featuring Bosch’s starlight technology that can capture color images down to a level of 0.0069 lux as standard. The 4K model's optically-stabilized images maintain pin-sharp pictures even when the camera is subject to severe vibration, such as on bridges. With the optional illuminator, the 4K model covers a distance of 300m (984 ft.) The 1080p models feature 30x zoom and frame rate of 60 frames per second. When light levels drop to zero, the optional illuminator ensures the greatest level of detail over a distance of up to 550 meters (1,804 feet). Enhanced versions for both 4K and 1080p models also include an in-window defroster to improve visibility and onboard storage capabilities. Combined with a rugged design and new drive train, the cameras provide the high-quality details required by applications such as city surveillance, traffic monitoring, and perimeter security.

A trusted solution supporting sustainable business practices

MIC supports sustainable business practices

Like all Bosch solutions, MIC inteox 7100i cameras connect securely to the Bosch Remote Portal, a secure cloud-based service offering device management with daily or advanced configuration, set up and continuous health monitoring from anywhere. Thanks to device management, automated or on-demand firmware updates can be carried out remotely and efficiently for individual and multiple devices ensuring the system maintains the highest reliability standards. Because video data is often highly critical and sensitive, Bosch has a systematic approach to maximizing data security that is focused on a built-in Secure Element to keep video data safe. With remote configuration and management, system integrators can reduce installation and set-up time and minimize costly site visits and commutes, resulting in fewer road miles and CO2 emissions. Providing sustainable business practices that are economically viable, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly.

Meet the INTEOX moving camera family

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