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Retail Audio Solution

Supporting retail customers’ experience and safety

Bosch Public Address solutions for external zones

Woman wearing a face mask using a shopping trolley walking to a store

In the current situation, retail businesses need to keep visitors and staff safe by following COVID-19 operational guidelines and considerations, while also delivering a premium shopping experience. Shop owners can now achieve this by communicating important audio messages and in-store promotions not only to customers in the store shopping, but also to people queuing outside waiting to enter.

“The possibility to have ambient music, safety messaging and commercial announcements all in one system gives us the flexibility of having a very cost-effective solution.”
Woman wearing a face mask while shopping in a food store

Nowadays, retailers seek clear objectives for their business: to increase the turnover and to raise the number of loyal customers. To achieve those targets a key factor is to increase conversion rate.

Retailers need creative solutions to convince customers to buy while also enhancing their customer experience. One way to achieve this is to trigger customers´ senses.

How can Bosch audio solutions help retailers to provoke a buyer's interest?

  • Informing customers about product promotions while they wait to enter the store.
  • Providing ambient music to trigger the senses of customers
  • Informing customers about COVID-19 regulations and other important information.

Bosch extended audio solution

The extended Bosch audio solution consists of:

  • Queue management in external zones for 10 - 15 m queues and up to 30 m² areas.
  • Extend safety messaging and commercial announcement to external areas.
  • Extend existing Bosch Public Address systems as well as third party installed solutions with outside zones.


Minimum required devices:

The public address system can be connected to an amplifier and in addition extra loudspeakers can be added to an outside zone
The public address system can be connected to an amplifier and in addition extra loudspeakers can be added to an outside zone.
“Audio solutions are a key support tool in our offering to improve customer experience. The possibility to have different ambient music in different store areas allows us to create distinctive environments related to our offers and increase customer engagement with our products.”


Solutions for areas

Solutions for areas

Retail COVID Leaflet

Retail COVID Leaflet

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