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Fire Alarm Systems

Safety Systems Designer

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System integrators using Safety Systems Designer

Project planning for fire protection on the next level

Planning fire alarm projects is a challenging task. This demanding business requires rapid and reliable deliveries from all different parties involved at the various planning stages. Bosch can help you to provide customers with fast and smart answers - no matter if it comes to tender texts, bill of material or technical parameters. Bosch Safety Systems Designer makes planning of fire alarm systems (EN 54 portfolio) a snap and in the future Safety Systems Designer will be the only software you need to plan and calculate fire alarm systems.

Rapid configuration of fire alarm systems

Safety Systems Designer supports the entire fire detection product portfolio of Bosch Security Systems

Through its intuitive navigation, you can be productive and efficient right from the start without having to go through a long learning curve. The Safety Systems Designer supports the entire fire detection product portfolio of Bosch Security Systems. The generic terminology, available in 16 languages, gives users comfort in selecting the right kind of products. Planners can use it to configure complete systems with panels, loop modules and interface modules as well as conventional and addressable devices.

Convenient output generation

Bill of Material - Safety Systems Designer

Our newest planning and support tool enables you a precise design and includes the allocation of peripherals on different loops. During the entire configuration process, the Safety Systems Designer automatically generates and maintains a comprehensive and up-to-date documentation. Users can view a complete bill of materials, giving a base for initial budgeting and calculation. Other outputs include overviews of required batteries, tender texts, panels and loops parameters, and a system drawing.

Monitored planning: Transparent and close to reality

Two men planning on the construction site with the Bosch Safety Systems designer

Optimized monitored planning supports you in getting a transparent feedback and a system visualization that is close to reality. The tool offers immediate visual feedback on configured products and performs plausibility checks in the background and in real-time to avoid any misconfiguration. Visual warnings and alarms always inform the user, should one of his choices exceed any system limit. The generic terminology as well as intuitive navigation make the tool easy to use and produces results promptly.

Simplified design of larger and networked systems

Simplified design of larger and networked systems

For larger and networked fire alarm systems, only a few entries will ensure the automatic calculation of all necessary networking devices (ethernet switches, media converters, and related housing components). A clear and concise view of the networked system is available at any time and can be exported with one click as XPS, PNG or JPEG file.


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User Interface Safety Systems Designer

Safety Systems Designer

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