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Overview Fire Alarm Systems Training Portfolio

The Bosch Building Technologies Academy provides continual professional development for employees involved in the technical installation, configuration, maintenance of fire alarm systems, as well demonstration or commercial sales of fire detection solutions.

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Commercial Trainings

The Bosch Building Technologies Academy provides guidance for sales personnel on how to pitch fire alarm systems portfolio to existing Bosch customers and prospects.
- Learn all the unique selling propositions of our solutions and systems
- Become an expert in the Bosch fire safety portfolio
- Increase sales by holding convincing meetings with prospects to address their safety management needs

Technical Trainings

The Bosch Building Technologies Academy offers on-site workshops and seminars, and online webinars and tutorials which help technical personnel in managing large projects, and in planning, installing, configuring and maintaining safety systems more efficiently.

Technical training options are ideal for fire alarm system installers, systems integrators and technical consultants to build and enhance their skills. These learning opportunities share in-depth knowledge of the Bosch technology behind already successful and new, cutting-edge products.

  • Keep up to date with all technical features of the Bosch fire alarm system portfolio
  • Increase confidence and competency for installation and configuration of systems with hands-on training
  • Gain a recognized Bosch training certification


Online trainings and tutorials


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