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BOOST warranty & warranty extension

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Predictable and transparent cost for your peace of mind

BOOST warranty and warranty extension

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As one of our customers-, you benefit from an industry-leading manufacturer‘s warranty on all purchased products, making maintenance costs more transparent and predictable-, to maximize your investment value.

You want peace of mind?

Beyond our regular 3-year warranty, we offer an extension of our warranty on all purchased products up to 2 years, making maintenance costs more transparent and predictable. Our attractive pricing model and warranty extension based on high-quality products with low failure rates, grant you even longer protection, and peace of mind.

Our warranty is a manufacturer warranty that is completely independent from all legal or contractual claims that might exist.

The BOOST warranty extension are available for the Bosch Security and Safety Systems product portfolio.

Your easy way to get the BOOST warranty extension for your products.
Your easy way to get the BOOST warranty extension for your products.

Process description

  • The end-user orders a security, safety, or communication solution, including optional warranty extension.
  • The system integrator (SI) makes a system design with a bill of material and orders the required products and warranty extension from his distributor (DI). For selected accounts the SI might order directly from Bosch.

  • Products are shipped from DI’s warehouse (or directly by Bosch).
  • The DI orders warranty extension from Bosch.
    Note: Even though the SI places one single order to the DI, the DI might not order the products and the warranty extension together.
  • The SI installs and commissions the products.

  • The SI forwards the product serial numbers for warranty extension registration to DI (or directly to Bosch). The serial numbers are registered by Bosch.
    Note: On prior request, Bosch can be provide the serial numbers of all products shipped by Bosch.
  • The DI might request the SI to confirm the serial numbers and shipping date to ensure that these are the products actually installed in the project.
  • The warranty starts on the shipping date to the end customer.

  • Bosch sends a warranty extension certificate to the DI. The certificate documents and confirms the serial numbers and the extended warranty start date and period.
  • The DI forwards the certificate to the SI.
  • The SI forwards the certificate to the end customer.



BOOST Warranty Extension

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BOOST Warranty Extension

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