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Security within a factory can mean any number of things. Fire detection is of the utmost importance, as are alarm and evacuation systems that ensure an orderly exit when the situation is critical. Cameras can even be placed inside factory machines to monitor and troubleshoot malfunctions.

Customer stories

Casa Cuervo

Casa Cuervo

Casa Cuervo in Mexico is the world’s oldest tequila distillery and a popular tourist attraction. But it is also an active production facility and home to secret processes. Therefore, prevention of theft and keeping visitors from entering off-limit areas are crucial. Thanks to an integrated video security and access control system managed on the Building Integration System safety is guaranteed around-the-clock.

Boeing Research Station

Boeing Research and Technology, United States

The insides of the machines Boeing uses to make airplane parts are hostile places. Awash in coolant and bombarded with high-velocity chips of titanium and aluminum. Most cameras wouldn’t go there. The Bosch EX70 did. Call us crazy.

Türk Traktör Erenler Factory

Türk Traktör Erenler Factory, Turkey

Bosch’s integrated and networked fire detection and evacuation solution for the Türk Traktör manufacturing complex identifies fires quickly and eliminates costly false alarms. It covers over 69,000 square meters and will scale as the site grows.

Our solutions for manufacturing plants

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