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Improve levels of security

Like other Bosch network cameras, the AUTODOME IP moving cameras offer improved levels of security by delivering control, precision and detail whenever needed. Complemented with video analytics as standard designed to take data usage to a whole new level.

Moving cameras


The security industry has been in a ‘pixel race’ for a number of years. It’s the level of detail that has driven the business. Understandable if we consider that detail is everything when it comes to security. It is vital that security personnel can see all relevant information in order to react faster and make accurate decisions in case something happens. The level of detail is important when identifying individuals or delivering irrefutable evidence. But what if a moving object leaves the camera’s field of view?

The AUTODOME IP family of moving cameras is the answer. These cameras have the ability to locate a (moving) person fast and accurately - even when further away. They enable users to manually or automatically keep track of persons of interest as they move – even at speed, far beyond a fixed camera’s field of view. And they deliver the level of zoom needed to identify objects or persons of interest over large distances. However, this only illustrates video security today. Let us start thinking about the benefit of interpreting video data to allow it to do more for businesses than security alone. With built-in video analytics as standard on all AUTODOME IP cameras, they can easily provide relevant data for other uses. Things like enforcing traffic regulations, enforcing no-parking zones, detecting vehicles driving the wrong way and delivering occupancy data (number of vehicles entering / leaving a parking garage) for smart and more efficient parking. With our intelligent AUTODOME IP portfolio, a new revolution has started and video security will be more than just an image.

Video analytics that goes beyond security


Future growth will be driven by new possibilities. How can we further improve the levels of security? What else can we do with data generated by video security solutions? In this respect the AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 delivers something unique. Starlight technology combined with Intelligent Video Analytics. Without the need for optional illumination, the AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 provides color images far beyond the point other cameras switch to monochrome. This substantially improves the levels of security since users can use full video analytics capability including color filtering in scenes with minimum ambient light (down to 0.0077 lux). Also adding to improved levels of security is the camera’s Intelligent Tracking feature. If an object is detected, the camera’s Intelligent Tracking feature can be triggered based on a predefined alarm rule or a simple click. Once Intelligent Tracking is activated it ensures uninterrupted and automatic tracking of moving objects. Optimal capture of the moving object is assured by dynamically adjusting the field of view. Starlight technology and built-in Intelligent Video Analytics, combined with the camera’s NEMA-TS2 rating, make the AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 the ideal candidate for traffic monitoring applications.

The AUTODOME IP 4000i and IP 5000i cameras offer Essential Video Analytics as a standard. This enables cameras to understand what they’re seeing and alert you to any potential threats the moment they happen. It allows the retrieval of the right footage from hours of stored video instantly. But above all, these cameras can do far more than security alone. When idle they can deliver interesting statistics like the number of people going into a certain area, analyze behavior or assist in enforcing health and safety regulations, for example in case of a blocked emergency exit.

Video analytics makes video data far easier to manage. Because it’s possible to set certain alarm rules, such as someone approaching or climbing over a fence, security personnel will be alerted the moment this alarm rule is met. It can even be configured to recognize changes in speed (running), shape (crouching) or aspect ratio (falling).

Areas of expertise


Image quality

Superb video analytics to deliver relevant data can only be assured if the appropriate image quality is provided. And since there is no one-size-fits-all video security solution, the AUTODOME family offers a wide variety of options to suit the needs and budget of various applications perfectly.

The AUTODOME IP 4000i offers the right balance between aesthetics and performance. Designed for indoor applications, the discreet dome housing of the AUTODOME IP 4000i blends perfectly into interior décor. It can cover a sizeable surveillance area with full pan and tilt control and 12x optical zoom and identify fast moving objects in 1080p resolution at distances of up to 88 meters with 60 frames per second.

For indoor and outdoor applications with a larger surveillance area, the AUTODOME IP 5000i has 30x optical zoom, 1080p resolution and 60 fps, for the identification of fast-moving objects over a distance of up to 190m during daytime. Both the AUTODOME IP 4000i and AUTODOME IP 5000i cameras have Wide Dynamic Range of 94 dB.

In situations that require high-quality images over large distances in complete darkness, the AUTODOME IP 5000i IR excels. It delivers the same image performance as the AUTODOME IP 5000i during daytime, but at night the IR model can identify objects up to 180m thanks to the built-in intelligent IR beam, which ensures optimum illumination of objects regardless of zoom level.

Another significant breakthrough in the mid-range segment of the complete Bosch portfolio is the imminent launch of the AUTODOME IP 5000i with starlight technology. In addition to the features offered by the AUTODOME IP 5000i, the latest AUTODOME IP starlight 5000i cameras provide color images in extremely low light environments (down to 0.018 lux) where other cameras switch to monochrome. They also provide an increased High Dynamic Range to ensure clarity in challenging light scenes of 120 dB. A new coated bubble assists in providing the highest quality of images as it is anti-reflective, anti-static, anti-scratch and partially water-repellant. AUTODOME IP starlight 5000i cameras are also available as in-ceiling and IR models (the bubble is not available on the IR model).

The AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 offers Bosch’s starlight technology as standard, combined with a 1080p resolution and frame rate of 30 fps. This enables the capture of highly detailed color images in scenes with minimum ambient light (down to 0.0077 lux), whilst fast-moving objects are captured without difficulty thanks to the high frame rate. Perfect exposure of (moving) objects in unevenly lit scenes is safeguarded by the camera’s High Dynamic Range of 120 dB, and in foggy or low-contrast scenes, visibility is improved by the camera’s Intelligent Defog feature. The excellent image quality of the AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 is backed by an optional rugged bubble that withstands high-impact (IK10), humid situations (IP66) and temperatures ranging from -40°C to + 55°C.

Intelligent bitrate management and data security

All AUTODOME IP 4000i and 5000i cameras offer Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction and intelligent streaming, combined with H.265 video compression. The AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 offers Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction combined with H.264 compression. Depending on the content of the scene, this reduces bitrate by up to 80%. It helps to keep video data manageable, while substantially reducing network strain and storage requirements, without compromising video quality. Like all Bosch network cameras the AUTODOME IP cameras offer various software and hardware measures, such as a built-in Trusted Platform Module, to keep video data secure.


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