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Fire Alarm Systems

Aviotec IP starlight 8000 series

See it before it spreads


At a glance

Faster and more accurate


One of the most devastating characteristics of a fire is its ability to spread. That’s why fast, reliable detection is paramount. While smoke detectors remain a vital component in nearly all scenarios, certain environments can benefit from additional protection. Where high ceilings are present, detecting a fire before it reaches a distant smoke detector can save valuable reaction time. Just as important is the ability to correctly distinguish fire and smoke from other disturbances that trigger false alarms – and lead to financial ramifications.

Application Area


AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 is the perfect answer for facilities used for industry, transportation, warehousing and utilities such as energy to minimize detection time with low false alarm rates. Improving the rescue chain through fast detection and situational awareness protects lives and minimizes damage.

„An innovative Solution“

"With this dynamic IP camera video based fire detection system combined with intelligent video analysis Bosch provides today´s earliest flame and smoke detection in challenging environments. Potentially a genuine life saver and for sure a brilliant concept."
Quote from jury of Detektor International Award 2016


Fire detection at the source
Detection of flame and smoke
Intelligence in camera
No masking necessary
Live streaming
Video storage
Detect fires where they start, speeding reaction times, improving rescue response
Identifying even hidden fires, smoldering fires and burning liquids
Detect disturbances using raw data with no transmission or compression
Identifies fires using the camera's entire field of view in most cases
Monitor environments live and speed up rescue response
Perform root-cause analysis with recorded videos
airport hangar

What's the innovation about?


Bosch’s new video-based fire detection system features a unique physical detection model that ensures the reliable differentiation of disturbances and real fires. This intuitive technology delivers more accuracy than any other video-based fire detection platform available on the market. Bosch’s proven camera technology and intelligent software algorithms analyze the video footage directly in the camera. There’s no additional processing unit needed, reducing installation efforts and costs.

„Two minutes“

Use case papermill


In paper mills the most important points to consider are a high fire load, as well as hazardous materials and areas which lead to rapidly developing fires. Another issue can be dust and humidity that may trigger unwanted false alarms. While video-based fire detection can be more reliable and more affordable than other technologies in most paper mill scenarios, it offers an additional benefit that no other option can. It allows combining of safety and security. Having installed a video-based fire detection system, the operator can use the very same cameras for video surveillance. There are many reasons to monitor paper mills, or production halls, respectively, avoiding production disturbances being the most obvious one. But just as intelligent algorithms can identify smoke or flames, others can detect unusual movements as well as blocked aisles or emergency exits, thus increasing safety and operational efficiency. Finally, many fires in paper mills are actually induced by intentional arson, and here video surveillance can be a very efficient means of prevention.

Use case warehouse


Most warehouses are characterized by high ceilings and very large areas, also resulting in huge volumes of air inside which is a major challenge for traditional fire detection technologies. In these environments, heat detection by means of sprinklers is a commonly used technology. Designed to save the building and not the commodities inside, using sprinklers also bears the potential of the water doing more harm than the fire itself.

Traditional detectors need the smoke to migrate to their location. Video-based fire detection is the only technology that identifies a fire as soon as the smoke enters their field of view. This way it can cover larger areas and volumes making it a much more affordable solution for warehouses. Further, in such environments video is much faster than traditional smoke detection.

Use case airport hangar


Airports can be a challenge for firefighters. The various building structures, like terminals, hangars, storage areas and baggage handling demand a differentiated approach to fire detection technologies and ask for customized solutions. Video-based fire detection technologies promise faster and more accurate detection, allowing firefighters to limit the damage. If you use one set of algorithms to identify smoke, you can just as well implement another set to detect flames. This avoids the necessity to install and operate optical flame detectors and adds additional value by way of full video visualization of the scene. The operator can therefore precisely locate the seat of the fire as well as involved commodities, potentially providing valuable time for firefighting. The video image can also be used to verify alarms in the first place, avoiding costly false alarms. Intelligent video analysis within the camera allows for very precise differentiation between smoke and disturbing values such as smog or vapor. And while video quality can generally suffer from movement, reflections or changing lighting conditions such as backlights, intelligent processing allows offsetting such influences.

Use case metro/railway station

Monitoring center metro statation

During rush hours, metro and railway stations can be a nightmare for safety and security managers. Crowds moving from one end to the other make these spots very hard to surveil and monitor for any type of incident. Video-based fire detection can be used to overcome this challenge. The AVIOTEC camera system detects both in parallel, fire and smoke as well as other incidents. Additionally, the detection at the source reduces response times significantly and thus, gives rescue teams the valuable time they need.

Watch the movie below to see how it works.

Theresa Grunewald

Theresa Grunewald, global business development AVIOTEC

"Great to see how a new technology really helps customers keeping their business running, and provides them with a solution that was not previously available for their applications."

Theresa has been working in the safety industry since a student. She studied industrial engineering and graduated at Bosch in Hamburg after having joined the dual education programme at Bosch. Today she advises and supports our customers on global safety solutions based on innovative fire detection technologies. She is living in Munich. Her hobbies: sports, playing music and spending time with her friends.



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