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Fire Alarm Systems

Smart Safety Link

Interfaced Fire Detection and Voice Alarm

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Commercial leaflet FIRE / EVAC

Smart Safety Link is the most reliable and secure way to combine Fire Detection and Voice Alarm. Each system meets the highest standards for quality, safety and functionality and offers exceptional flexibility and options for expandability.

The result is a future-proof installation supported by a world leader in fire detection and voice alarm.

Panel Network

Smart Safety Link increases flexibility & usability. Each fire panel has now the ability to be interfaced with a PAVIRO, Praesideo, or Plena VAS. Mixed combinations are also allowed. E.g.: Panel 1 interfaced with PAVIRO, Panel 2 with Praesideo.

Panel Network


  • Wide range of products from one supplier
  • Supports projects of all types and sizes
  • Outstanding operational security
  • Intuitive handling
  • Best in class fire detection performance
  • Cristal clear voice messages
  • Multi stage evacuation
  • Reliable and secure interface between fire detection and voice alarm systems


  • Operational Security: monitored connection with acknowledge activations via two way communication
  • Scalability: 1 cable no matter how many messages and zones
  • Future proof: only software changes results in fast extensions or adaptations of the system
  • Cost saving: easy and error free wiring which results in a limited installation time
  • Usability: the Smart Safety Link is now also applicable in big size projects where multiple Praesideo Network Controllers (PRS-NCO3) are required
  • Flexibility: Alarm triggers are distributed and handled by the fire panel network. No need for additional GPIO (General Purpose In- & Outputs) interfaces between Voice Alarm Network Controllers
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Flexible for every project

Bosch’s interfaced fire detection and voice evacuation solutions can be tailored to any size of business or institution from retail shops, department stores or supermarkets to hotels and offices as well as airports, universities or shopping malls can be secured by Bosch. The system is designed for expandability, and all the devices and peripherals work seamlessly together. Smart Safety Link easily supports multi stage evacuation which ensures a highly effective approach to emergency situations.

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In small applications, Plena Voice Alarm System can be connected the Modular Fire Panel 1200 Series via a RS-232 interface.

In mid- and big-sized projects, PAVIRO and Praesideo interface with the Modular Fire Panel 1200 or 5000 Series by using the Smart Safety Link over IP Ethernet.

The Modular Fire Panels and Praesideo can additionally be connected to a superior Building Management System via OPC or by using an SDK (Software Development Kit).

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