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Your prevention is safety and security

Security solutions can contribute directly to good health. They help surgeons communicate more clearly and efficiently with control room personnel during operations. They can also provide instantaneous emergency signaling for hospital employees dealing with difficult patients

Customer stories

Facade of the Houston Methodist Hospital, for which Bosch provided a new efficient page notification system

Houston Methodist Hospital, USA

Never losing an emergency call again - that's what the Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas, which relied on an outdated communication system, wanted to achieve. Therefore, it urgently needed a scalable, reliable and future-proof replacement. Bosch provided a dependable state-of-the-art solution - without disrupting the clinical workflow once.

Adana Health Campus, Turkey

Adana Health Campus, Turkey

Patient safety was the top priority for the Adana Integrated Health Campus from the start. That’s why Bosch was chosen as a one-stop provider of a fully integrated security system to protect Turkey’s largest and most modern medical facility.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, United States

The chatter that lends TV operating rooms their drama can be a distraction to surgeons in real life. For cardiac procedures in Philadelphia, Bosch replaced hanging mics with wireless intercom systems – turning a cacophony into efficient conversations conducted at normal volume. Wireless mic? Check.

Windsor Regional Hospital

Windsor Regional Hospital, Canada

Actually, yes. In an emergency, wireless pendants from Bosch let employees at this acute care facility immediately reach out to security, automatically activating location tracking and video coverage of the site. During an uneventful walk around the grounds, the system closes a compassionate eye.

Our solutions for hospitals and health institutions

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Bosch empowers you to build a safer and more secure world.