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Bosch Security and Safety Systems I Middle East

Adana Health Campus, Turkey

Bosch and third-party security systems under one platform

Health center by night

As Turkey’s largest and most modern medical facility, the Adana Integrated Health Campus offers three specialized clinics with a total capacity of 1,550 beds. Realized in 2017 as a public-private partnership (PPP) project with the Turkish Ministry of Health, it provides exemplary medical care to patient populations from the surrounding Adana, Hatay and Osmaniye provinces.

Ensuring patient safety with a fully integrated system

Patient safety was the top priority for the Adana Integrated Health Campus from the start. That’s why officials chose Bosch as a one-stop provider of a fully integrated security system to protect the entire campus. Achieving the desired level of integration in a clinical environment was not without challenges.

First, the large-scale campus comprises facilities across an area of 318,504 square meters including hospitals, food courts, as well as commercial areas. And second, clinic operators in Adana relied on third-party software solutions for cafeteria automation, card pass systems, and kidnap prevention for newborns via RFID tags.

modern hospital room

Safeguarding medical facilities on a centralized system

bird perspective of adana

Adding pressure to the installation timeline, construction of the campus completed eight months ahead of schedule. Just in time, Bosch partner Ateksis solved all integration challenges and installed a centralized security solution. It connects access control, fire alarm with 45,000 detection points, video security with 2,000 IP-based cameras, voice alarm and evacuation featuring 10,000 speakers, plus a number of clinic-specific applications on the Building Integration System (BIS) through different interfaces.

Integration across large distances proved no problem, as Bosch’s IP-based solutions are designed for exactly these scenarios. For instance, components in the Modular Fire Alarm Panel 5000 Series can be placed several kilometers apart and managed in separate zones. The system in Adana includes 30,000 fire detectors, plus manual call points and interface modules spread across the entire campus. Live feeds from high-definition cameras across the campus are monitored on-site through a single control room.

Doctor in laboratory
“The key to success was listening to the customer’s needs and finding the right solutions with our expert team. Plus, Bosch’s flexible structure allowed for easily integrating a wide range of Bosch and third-party security systems under one platform. This made the installation easier and faster,”
said Murat Özci̇han, Senior Business Development Manager at Bosch Building Technologies Turkey.

The team achieved integration of third-party systems by programming specialized software routines. The hospital’s telephone switchboard is connected to the EN 54-certified Praesideo public address and voice alarm system via third-party integration to enable public announcements from the nurse desks. And to safeguard the Maternity Clinic against “pink code” cases (baby kidnapping), the Bosch access control system integrates RFID tags on newborn babies to trigger automated alarms.

RFID tags on newborn babies to trigger automated alarms

A new level of clinical care and patient safety

A new level of clinical care and patient safety

By implementing a complete solution on a single platform from the start, Adana Integrated Health Campus sets the standard for exemplary patient safety in a system marked by low maintenance costs, failure rate, and overall cost of ownership.

In the bigger picture, the modern campus proves the end-to-end capabilities of Bosch Building Technologies and serves as a showcase for the next level of healthcare and integrated security. Based on the successful implementation in Adana, Bosch Building Technologies has already won contracts for seven additional public-private partnership (PPP) projects in the Turkish healthcare segment.

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