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Efficient intrusion protection for the Zhedong Canal Museum in Zhejiang

An updated alarm system with indoor and outdoor alarm points keeps the unique structure and contents of the museum safe.




Zhedong Canal Museum, China


  • Efficient-to-integrate security solutions
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Save time and effort
  • Wide range of high security applications
  • Best-in-class total cost of ownership

Securing a unique museum with an intrusion alarm system

Exterior view of the Grand Canal Museum

Located in China’s Zhejiang Province, the Grand Canal Museum covers millennials of history and development of the Grand Canal. The earliest human-made canal in China, it remains crucial to the local economy, ecology and culture.

To keep the striking glass structure and valuable contents safe, the museum needed to overhaul its alarm system. Though the building is not particularly large, it needed wide range of different types of detectors at around 600 indoor and outdoor alarm points. The museum owner was looking for a partner with a solid track record in museum installations to tackle the challenge.

Attractive system cost and true rapid response

Inerial view of the Grand Canal Museum
  • Two the museum rooms and exhibition
  • Another expression of the exibition of the large zhedong musem

The scalable, easy to install intrusion detection system appealed to the museum in general. Two features of the G Series Control Panel were especially attractive.

First, the cost-saving control panel is built to receive two alarm signals simultaneously. This reduces the total number of input modules and control panels as well as the amount of wire needed, notably lowing the total system cost.

Second, the control panel is designed for rapid response, even when multiple alerts are triggered in parallel. Onboard high-speed communication ensures response occurs within two seconds. This makes the system compliant with local response time laws for museums.

600 alarm points


Best-fit solution for all alarm points

To meet the specific requirements in different areas of the museum, the team mapped out the best-fit solution:

  • Seismic detectors in the warehouse with intelligent signal processing recognize vibrations caused by explosives, mechanical tools, and low structure-borne noises such as water jets.
  • TriTech motion detectors in the entry and exhibition space use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure rapid and reliable detection while virtually eliminating false alarms, even under challenging conditions.
  • TriTech ceiling mount motion detectors in the entrance hall and exhibition space cover the areas in which wall mount detectors are not possible. Advanced panoramic ceiling detectors provide 360-degree coverage without blind spots.
  • Glass break detectors protect the exterior glass wall. The detectors use microprocessor-based sound analysis technology (SAT) to listen for the specific frequencies associated with breaking glass.
  • Outdoor motion detectors cover the extensive outdoor space and waterfront location. The dual motion detectors use advanced signal processing techniques for reliable detection. The mechanical design prevents false alarms caused by airflow or insects.
Images shows a art work, a huge wave of stone
Part of the museum is a spacious design project that shows an artistic image of the importance of the old canal.
The museum's exterior glass walls
Glass breakage detectors are used for the security of the museum.
The ceiling in the museum zhedong
Ceiling mount motion detectors are part of the integrated security solution.

Effective organization and risk-management

Since the museum owner chose an integrated platform to manage all security systems from one place – intrusion alarm, video surveillance, access control, and guard patrol –, Bosch collaborated closely with the platform team to ensure seamless integration. This ensured each construction point was installed correctly the first time, preventing rework, and ensuring the project was completed efficiently and smoothly.

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