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AI-driven video systems help reduce traffic congestion on busy Koh Kaew roadways

Koh Kaew operations center

Challenge: Keeping residents and tourists safe on the road

Congested street Koh Kaew

Many people travel to Thailand's Phuket for its spectacular marine attractions, golden beaches, and bustling markets. All visitors must pass through Koh Kaew, the main route to Phuket, to get there. With rising tourism, traffic along highways has grown, intersections have become more congested than in prior years, and vulnerable road users have increased. As tourism grows, so does urbanization, which can bring challenges, such as meeting accelerated demand for viable infrastructure, including transportation systems.

The Koh Kaew administration wanted a comprehensive and scalable video security solution to monitor road conditions, reduce traffic jams, and keep residents and tourists safe. They turned to Bosch and Brilliant Tech Co., Ltd. to help address overall congestion from vehicles and pedestrians, improve efficiencies to reduce delays and frustration, and respond before a potential situation occurs.

Two men review images and data in operations center

Minimizing congestion and monitoring traffic

Brilliant Tech has deployed 60 Bosch AI-enabled video security cameras to help minimize congestion and monitor various locations, such as the main road in Kao Kaew, for commuting in and out of Phuket. All Bosch video security cameras offer AI as a built-in standard. Their AI capabilities enable them to understand what they're seeing and add meaning to captured video with metadata. This quality is an important first step in converting video data into actionable insights and building predictive solutions.

AI-driven video analytics from Bosch allow cameras to become intelligent devices that can alert to safety risks and improve operators' awareness of busy Koh Kaew intersections such as at Thep Krasatti Road. Operators needed a system to detect and count the number of vehicles on Koh Kaew's main roadway to help understand traffic peaks and manage traffic flow in real-time.

The most effective video security solutions do more than capture relevant images. They must be capable of presenting the data in a format that is easy to access and understand. And they must ensure that data is available and secure at all times. Bosch's software solution aggregates and visualizes metadata from AI-enabled Bosch cameras and pulls the data into a single dashboard. The intuitive widgets present an easy-to-understand summary of the number of vehicles traveling along the main roads of Koh Kaew. The municipality can use the information to support decision-making and improve traffic management effectively.

We offer high-quality products and cost-effective solutions to support Koh Kaew long-term.
Mr. Chatchai Khongmuang, Engineering Manager, Brilliant Tech Co., Ltd.

Meeting the demands of the future

Data dashboards on video monitors

All Bosch cameras support remote configuration, management, and planning. In the future, Koh Kaew will install video systems on Coconut Island. Brilliant Tech will integrate the systems and perform services such as changing configuration settings and installing firmware updates so the Koh Kaew subdistrict can monitor the cameras remotely. This approach minimizes the number of commutes, resulting in sustainable business practices that are economically viable, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly. It also supports the safety and security of people and property and helps prevent unwanted situations.

Koh Kaew Subdistrict is delighted to be a part of the Koh Kaew development mission, which aims to provide the finest quality of life for its residents and visitors.
Mr. Kuakiat Jitkua, Chief Executive of the Koh Kaew Subdistrict Administrative

Koh Kaew video story

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