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Starlight and HDR X technology explained

September 2021

Runner in dark scene with data cloud

Next-level starlight X and HDR X technologies take image quality and resolution further, enabling cameras to deliver improved security and situational awareness around the clock

Image quality is vital when you strive to deliver industry-leading video systems that harness the Power to Predict. When combined with built-in AI, enhanced imaging quality enables more relevant data to support predictive solutions in security and beyond. Cameras are often challenged to capture images and fast-moving objects in changing lighting conditions ranging from bright sunlight to dimly lit or low-light conditions. At the same time, an increasing percentage of noise may occur, leading to grainy images and a loss of detail that may obscure the desired information. With next-level starlight X and HDR X technologies from Bosch, light sensitivity is vastly improved and motion blur eliminated, enabling X series cameras from Bosch to overcome these typical challenges day and night.

Excellent imaging with starlight X

Starlight technology from Bosch has long been the gold standard in low-light video performance, enabling Bosch cameras to capture color detail even when light levels drop to near zero. Now, Bosch brings starlight X technology with next-level light sensitivity technology to provide clear and relevant images regardless of lighting conditions, time of day, or object movement. Starlight X combines large pixel sensors, advanced image processing, and noise suppression algorithms to significantly improve sensitivity over regular starlight cameras. It provides more detail due to lower noise and ensures color images down to 0.0061 lux due to its new custom optics. This new technology also boosts monochrome sensitivity to the next level to offer improved performance in extreme low-light scenes. By capturing maximum detail in challenging scenes, starlight X enables Intelligent Video Analytics to provide even more relevant data that supports informed decisions.

  • Starlight X
    [1] Low light comparison of starlight to starlight X in 1080p resolution
    [2.] Low light comparison of another brand to starlight X in 4-megapixel (4MP) resolution
  • Starlight X
    Sensitivity comparisons of starlight to starlight X, brand A and brand B in 4MP resolution

Starlight X technology offers maximum sensitivity to ensure the best possible picture quality, 24/7

Motion-optimized HDR X

HDR X technology video
HDR X eliminates motion blur and artefacts in scenes with challenging lighting and fast-moving objects.

Standard HDR technology combines multiple images with different exposure times to increase the overall dynamic range ensuring the capture of detailed images in scenes that have both light and dark areas. HDR X, a combination of large pixel sensors, custom-optics, and Bosch imaging algorithms, generates two readouts from one short exposure with different gain levels. This lens-sensor combination generates a High Dynamic Range frame without any HDR blur and artefacts. The result is an enhanced dynamic range (up to 144dB) that is motion-optimized to capture the highest level of detail in challenging scenes with both dark and bright areas, while eliminating blur and artefacts caused by the movement of objects.

HDR X eliminates motion blur and artefacts in scenes with challenging lighting and fast-moving objects.

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