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PRAESENSA continues to evolve

Extending IP-based public address and voice alarm with controller redundancy and multilingual system controller software

PRAESENSA Public Address and Voice Alarm System used in an application area

With PRAESENSA, the new standard in Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) systems launched* at the end of 2019, we have created a PAVA solution offering unmatched quality, longevity, security, and reliability. Regular updates, upgrades and new product introductions can be expected throughout its lifetime to keep the system up-to-date, future proof and state-of-the art.

What is new in the PRAESENSA 1.10 software release?

Controller redundancy

Controller redundancy

PRAESENSA extends with controller redundancy

System controller redundancy is a typical requirement for voice alarm installations in international airports, railway/metro stations and power plants. In addition, it could also be an optional requirement in large convention centers, shopping malls and universities. All of these applications have one thing in common: full system functionality and the highest system availability is required at all times.

The PRAESENSA “no single point-of-failure” system concept guarantees the highest safety in system operations. To make this concept work on the system control level, you need at least one duty and one redundant controller to ensure all system related functions in the public address and voice alarm solution. Extending the system with controller redundancy can be achieved with a simple and free software upgrade.

Controller redundancy
No single point of failure is core to the system concept
4-Channel amplifier

4-Channel amplifier

4-Channel PRAESENSA Amplifier becomes available

This amplifier has the same architecture and specifications as the 8-Channel amplifier.

  • 600 W Amplifier with flexible power partitioning across 4 channels
  • Extremely low power consumption and heat loss
  • Full supervision with integrated fail-safe redundancy
  • Digital Signal Processing per channel
  • IP-networked on OMNEO for audio and control

4-Channel amplifier
Innovative amplifier architecture allocates power intelligently
Additional feature set

Additional feature set

Increasing employability of PRAESENSA with an additional set of features

Get more from your PRAESENSA system with the free 1.10 software upgrade and extend your solution with an additional set of useful features:

  • Certified public address and voice alarm installations are required to demonstrate amplifier redundancy before commissioning. As part of the certification checklist, compliance inspectors want to see and approve the spare amplifier switching. Because both 4-Channel and 8-Channel PRAESENSA amplifiers have an integrated spare amplifier channel, this cannot be demonstrated by disconnecting the network cable or power connection. The PRAESENSA 1.10 software upgrade makes it possible for the systems integrator to simulate a failing amplifier channel and force the spare amplifier channel to take over. The software will automatically switch to the spare amplifier channel and will report a fault. This is shown in both the logging viewer and the graphic user interface of the PRAESENSA Call Station.
  • The new 1.10 PRAESENSA upgrade also provides individually adjustable audio delay (in m/s or ft/s) per output channel (max of 60 s/channel with 1m/s resolution), making the system extremely capable of serving tunnels, railway platforms and airport concourses.
  • Additionally, it is now also possible to control the brightness of the call station LCD display, light-rings and all fault and status LEDs via an up/down adjustment on the call station extension keypad. There are 4 levels designed for conditions ranging from full daylight to complete darkness.
  • Last but not least, PRAESENSA has received the DNV Type approval (Det Norske Veritas) to comply to the specified requirements of cruise ships, vessels and oil rigs.

Additional feature set
PRAESENSA is a comprehensive system with a full range of features

What is new in the PRAESENSA 1.20 software release?

Multilingual user software

Multilingual user software

Multilingual user software

In the PRAESENSA release 1.20, the call station graphical user interface for the operator and the configuration webpages and login viewer for the system integrator are available in multiple languages.

Multilingual user software
User-centric design delivers and intuitive interface.

*PRAESENSA is released in several phases to address the needs of various verticals and country requirements. Consult with your local Bosch representative for more information.

IP-connected and fully-featured

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