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An interfaced fire and voice evacuation solution for Casa Sollievo Bimbi

Bosch delivers security and safety solution including phased emergency evacuation for the healthcare institution of Milan

Three healthcare workers are talking in the corridor

Hospitals and medical buildings pose specific requirements to building safety and security. In the event of an emergency, responders need full situational awareness to locate threats and guide patients, visitors, and staff to safety in a coordinated manner.

Providing much-needed care

At the entrance of Associazione Vidas

Founded in 1982, the Associazione Vidas has been providing free-of-charge social and health services for patients suffering from incurable diseases at home and the Casa Vidas hospice. Later the association extended its services to children with incurable diseases, and in 2019 as the first pediatric hospice in Lombardy, Casa Sollievo Bimbi opened and now serves young patients and their families as a ‘green’-certified, six-story building with comprehensive support on a total area of 6,400 square meters.

Comprehensive safety in a single solution

Ensuring the safety of patients was a priority from day one. The Associazione Vidas was looking for a single supplier with experience in equipping medical buildings to provide a centrally controlled, integrated solution for the institution. With integration and end-to-end security as the primary focus, the system relies on IP-based components and network architecture. Solutions include the Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series connected to 1,200 digital detectors for real-time fire alarm throughout the building. Combined with the PRAESIDEO Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System, certified by security standards such as EN 54-16 and ISO 7240-16, the solution enables a new level of emergency response.

Two healthcare workers are checking data on a monitor
“The collaboration with Bosch has been valuable, effective and efficient.”
- Giorgio Troisi, General Secretary of the Associazione Vidas

Faster evacuation, starting closest to potential threats

Faster evacuation, starting closest to potential threats

The connection between fire and voice alarm systems at Casa Sollievo Bimbi is created by the Smart Safety Link from Bosch. First, the IP-networked fire detectors in the building automatically pinpoint the exact location (floor, room, area) of a fire to emergency responders for a heightened sense of situational awareness. Second, the system broadcasts voice announcements with clear evacuation instructions, which studies have proven to deliver time gains up to 30 percent for emergency response teams compared to a non-voice alarm signal. And third, the Smart Safety Link allows for a ‘phased’ evacuation of the building by different zones. Starting with addressing building occupants closest to the threat creates a highly efficient emergency response that avoids panic and directs people to safety via the shortest, safest escape routes.

The latter is especially important in clinical buildings. In a palliative care environment, the emergency evacuation plan mandates moving all able-bodied persons, patients, visitors and staff along the closest emergency routes and exits away from danger zones to designated safe areas. At the same time, persons with reduced mobility and those requiring assistance need to be guided to temporary safety areas, while staff is dispatched to assist their evacuation. To optimally prepare for these emergencies, clinical staff can pre-record specific emergency evacuation plans on the PRAESIDEO Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System. So in case of a threat, staff is free to help patients instead of spending valuable time on live announcements.

PRAESIDEO call station for evacuation

Video and intrusion alarm protect from outside threats

A child and a woman are playing in a room with toys

Securing the building against outside threats, the Bosch team also installed 50 high-definition cameras to monitor the perimeter and entrance areas. Video security is supported by intrusion alarm sensors in critical areas, while a digital access control system featuring card readers and controllers in all four elevators protects restricted areas from unauthorized access. Seamlessly integrated, these security systems are also easy to manage. All critical components can be controlled via a centralized dashboard, thanks to software from Alesys, a member of the Bosch Integration Partner Program (IPP), to deliver comprehensive safety and security for Lombardy’s first pediatric hospice.

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