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Touchless Access

Bosch’s touchless access solution enables secure access to The PARQ building

Concealed camera installation with integrated facial recognition technology

The PARQ access gantries

The PARQ is a mixed-use development in Bangkok, Thailand offering integrated offices and curated retail for the needs of resident workers, visitors and the wider community. The PARQ Workplace provides Grade A commercial office space alongside The PARQ Life, a convenient retail destination focused on the concept of shop well, eat well. As a mixed-use development, the environment is designed as a wellness precinct where the needs of work and relaxation are balanced to create healthier and more productive lives for all.

Located on prime inner-city land in the Rama IV Corridor at the intersection of Ratchadaphisek and Rama IV roads, The PARQ gives direct access to QSNCC MRT Station, affording office occupants and visitors easy accessibility to the rest of the city, including major roads, expressways, cycle paths and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks.

Seamless, unencumbered access required

Facial recognition

The office complex requires secure access to protect the interests and security of its office tenants. However, in alignment with the building’s clean aesthetics, urban design and sustainable world-class standards in facilities, the client, Fraser Property, did not want to install the traditional entry barriers accessed via traditional tap cards. They wanted a seamless unencumbered access for office residents while still controlling authorised access to the office spaces. With existing advances in modern technology, the client knew that a touchless access system using facial recognition technology was the answer.

Accurate facial recognition in any light and with high usage

They called on Bosch to propose a workable solution that delivered on the security requirements as well as the need to maintain design aesthetics and provide reliable, seamless access for office workers and registered visitors. That meant that cameras needed to be unobtrusive so as not to destroy the interior design aesthetics and had to be able to recognise features accurately, given any lighting condition and during peak hours when human traffic is high so as not to impede access.

The PARQ lobby

Bosch provides proof of concept


Bosch showcased its touchless access solution, using intelligent facial recognition technology to help workers and visitors access the building quickly, conveniently and safely, without any physical contact or traditional access cards, tags or sticky labels. During the proof of concept phase, Bosch engineers were able to test out the client’s requirements and identify challenges that needed to be addressed. This included the need to hide the detection camera in the flap of the gate to maintain the existing aesthetics and to calibrate the sensors to detect faces regardless the lighting conditions, angle or time of day. The system was also tested for detection distance and speed of recognition during maximum traffic at peak hours to ensure it could support high usage.

Easy-to-use interface & summarised reports of data input

A total of 36 FLEXIDOME IP Micro 5000 cameras were installed in the East and West wing turnstiles and elevator walls, supported by a 3rd party Face Recognition software, which has the capability to record still images and keep records based on client’s needs. The system integrator partnered with Bosch to develop a user interface for the client that made the system easy to operate and that could generate a convenient summarised report of the data input.

Flexidome IP micro 5000
"Bosch solutions helped us save costs in IT infrastructure management in terms of hardware, software and network solutions.”
Mr Anthony Arundell Frasers Property Holdings (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Seamless, speedy access for visitors; accurate, reliable data for the security team


Bosch’s touchless access solution with intelligent facial recognition technology allows The PARQ Workplace office workers and visitors to access the building quickly, conveniently and safely, without any physical contact, obtrusive cameras or traditional access cards. Visitor data is seamlessly captured, and permission-based reports can be accessed by security personnel through the easy-use interface.

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