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New, superior fire detection solution with integrated CO gas sensor

Highly reliable fire detectors in the Bosch AVENAR detector 4000 Series now adds a new carbon monoxide sensor that increases its fire and smoke detection capabilities. Introducing the new FAP-425-DOTCO-R multi-sensor detector.

Detect challenging fire hazards more easily

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an extremely hazardous gas. The gas is highly flammable and can explode if exposed to heat sources. CO can leak untraced for hours from machinery, appliances like water boilers, and vehicles as it is invisible to the human eye, odourless and tasteless. Potential concentration of CO poses continual dangers to safety and building security. Thus, the FAP-425-DOTCO-R detector adds a new carbon monoxide sensor to increase its fire and smoke detection and alarming capabilities according to the upcoming EN54 standards.

Bosch fire detector on a ceiling in an industrial application.

Specific needs for diverse application areas

There are multiple scenarios with a higher risk of fire and combustion due to a strong presence of carbon monoxide within a space where workers or visitors may be on site. These areas therefore need to be monitored continuously for CO and possible sources of excessive heat and ignition.

Intelligent detection, superior protection: FAP-425-DOTCO-R

Bosch has developed a new member of the highly robust and reliable AVENAR detector 4000 Series fire detectors. The new FAP-425-DOTCO-R features integrated multi-sensors. As with the rest of the AVENAR detector 4000 Series, FAP-425-DOTCO-R includes combined optical and thermal sensors but also an additional specialized sensor for rapid detection of carbon monoxide. This means it adheres to the upcoming EN 54 standards now required for premises in healthcare, manufacturing industries and in parking lots which must be monitored for CO concentration.

  • Bosch automatic fire detector FAP-425-DOTCO-R with two blue color ring around a central LED
  • Bosch AVENAR detector 4000 overlooks the entrance and reception area of a commercial building designed in white colors and wood elements

A new era for safety management – the benefits of Bosch innovation:

Additional CO detection and alarm for many applications

The new AVENAR FAP-425-DOTCO-R fire detector provides simultaneous and therefore highly reliable monitoring for signs of fire and CO concentrations as it overcomes limitations of single sensors being fitted separately.

More accurate and faster detection

Safety managers and system integrators across many industries, responsible for sites with increased fire risks due to high CO concentrations, will benefit from a multi-sensor technology only having to respond to genuine alerts, with far fewer false alarms.

Lifetime extension

The innovative detector is highly durable with an extended CO-cell lifespan of 10 years compared to the previous model in the series.

Remote maintenance and monitoring

The FAP-425-DOTCO-R detector is ready to meet the latest VdS 3860 requirements for self-testing devices. It can therefore be monitored and maintained remotely via the digitalized, networked access of Bosch Remote Services.The continuous fire detector self-test can reduce manual on-site maintenance.

Compatible with Bosch fire portfolio

FAP-425-DOTCO-R is fully capable of being integrated and it is backwards compatible with the existing Bosch fire range.

Sebastian Wehr

Sebastian Wehr, Product Manager for Fire Detectors

You may know Bosch as supplier for fire alarm solutions including a wide range of detectors. Thanks to advanced technology and high quality, our AVENAR detectors are extremely reliable and durable. They have been installed in thousands of applications, protecting lives and assets.

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