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Another step towards carbon neutrality

Bosch plant installs 1,714 photovoltaic modules

If you want to make your customers‘ buildings more environmentally friendly and efficient, the best way to demonstrate feasibility is to start with your own processes. As part of our comprehensive sustainability strategy and a contribution to Bosch‘s CO₂ neutrality *, in 2022 we installed a large-scale photovoltaic system at our largest plant in Ovar, Portugal. *Scope 1 & 2, 28.8 % achieved with carbon offsets, compared to base year (2018) emissions.

Short film taken by a drone flying over the Bosch plant in Ovar and showing the new photovoltaic installation on the roof
Facts and figures (Update: January 2024)
  1. 1,714 photovoltaic modules in operation since September 2022
  2. 6,500 square meters of photovoltaic area
  3. 14.5% of energy consumption is covered
  4. 1289 MWh produced
  5. 1600 tons of CO₂ saved since September 2022 – the equivalent of 75 trees planted or 558 tons of save standard coal

1600 tons of CO₂ saved since September 2022

– the equivalent of 75 trees planted or 558 tons of save standard coal

Photo of Paulo Teixeira, project manager for the photovoltaic system and facility manager of the Ovar manufacturing plant

Of course, efficiency plays an important role in the decision to go solar, but for our team, it’s mainly a contribution to future generations.

PAULO TEIXEIRA Health, Safety and Environment, Facility Management at Ovar plant

Buildings are renovated, then photovoltaic is installed

Production in Ovar started in 2001 with around 250 employees on a former Philips factory site, which previously employed around 2,000 people. Over the years, manufacturing has grown and the vacant buildings from the 1970s have been gradually renovated and modernized. This has created space for expansion and the structural prerequisite for a photovoltaic system to be installed on the roof. In the course of further renovation measures, the photovoltaic area will be increased by another 1,800 square meters.

wide angle view of the photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Bosch plant in Ovar
6,500 m² of photovoltaic area at Bosch plant in Ovar

One of many projects for more sustainability

The photovoltaic project is part of a long-term sustainability strategy in Ovar aligned with the Robert Bosch Sustainability Strategy and Culture.

  • In 2012 an energy management system was implemented to increase energy efficiency more effectively.
  • Although there is no water shortage at the site, water consumption has long been monitored and rainwater is collected for use.
  • Since 2016, 99% of waste is recycled.
  • In Ovar, there is a dedicated team that develops sustainable packaging for our own production and other Bosch divisions.
  • In 2021, this team was awarded the coveted Bosch Sustainability & EHS Award in the “Sustainable Products” category, a real milestone for Bosch Building Technologies.
  • The new, greener packaging concept is based on the reuse of packaging material from suppliers.

Next step: Intelligent energy management

In 2023, our intelligent Bosch Energy management system will be implemented. This will make it possible to analyze the entire energy consumption in real time and to optimize it in a very targeted manner – for higher energy efficiency and significantly less CO₂ in the long term.

Is there a way to show that long-term success and sustainability go hand in hand?


Lead by example.

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