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Go with the flow

Effective visitor management must go beyond meeting and greeting visitors who enter the reception area of any business or public building. It must enhance building security, protect facilities and employees, and improve users' and visitors' overall experience. Bosch's just released easy-to-use, browser-based visitor management software offers all the benefits for enhancing the visiting process and integrates seamlessly with the Access Management System and Building Integration System.

Enhance the visitor process with a comprehensive dashboard overview

receptionists with two monitors

The user-friendly dashboard of the visitor management software provides receptionists with a quick overview of past and upcoming appointments to help receptionists and security managers to organize their day. They can see the number of expected and checked-in visitors and visitors to check out. Having this information at hand ensures an efficient reception process and a smooth visitor experience.

In the onboarding view, receptionists can create, change, and add visitor data and assign pre-defined sets of authorizations such as regular visitor or VIP. This pre-authorization assignment enables visitors to move around the building easily while ensuring that sensitive areas remain protected.

Thanks to the flexible configuration options, the onboarding view can be adjusted to individual requirements and legal needs, ensuring all necessary data and information can be added to the visitor's profile.

Make visitor check-ins quick and efficient with web-based pre-registration

Employees can pre-register their visitor via the web-based host view, ensuring receptionists are informed ahead of any visitor for a quick and efficient registration process. Employees complete and save visitor details on the web-based form so the data is readily available to the receptionist. With data entry complete, the receptionist can focus on the most important tasks to complete the visitor registration process such as getting documents signed and taking a photo for a visitor badge. With a streamlined check-in process, a visitor will enjoy a safer more enjoyable visit.

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Reduce wait times at the front desk with visitor self-registration

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With a self-registration kiosk, first-time visitors can check in as soon as they arrive, shortening contact and wait times at the front desk. An intuitive user interface at the kiosk enables visitors to manually enter their data or scan a passport or ID. Additional integration options enable a visitor to take a digital photo for a temporary badge and sign required documents on a digital signature pad. Recurring visitors can use the fast check in option by entering their visitor ID. The kiosk collects data to meet security and safety requirements for an effective way to enhance the visitor management experience.

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