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Release of Building Integration System 4.9

Security operators working with Building Integration System

BIS 4.9 with strong new features: Visitor Management and Smart Client

We are happy to announce the launch of Building Integration System version 4.9. Apart from the continuous platform and cyber security improvements, the latest version offers Visitor Management and Smart Client, which improves efficiency, saves time and is easy to use for both operators and visitors. Below you can read more about these new features.

Smart Client: Concise, easy to use, comprehensive and flexible

Smart Client: Concise, easy to use, comprehensive and flexible

The brand new Smart Client developed based on web technologies is ActiveX-free and is very easy to visit since it can run on various browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, without local installation on client computers.

1. Dashboard

The dashboard is clear with a concise overview design with different languages selection, enabling a quick re-arrangement of dashboard view for configuration by drag and drop, and an easy change of language as well. Therefore, it is not only simple to operate, but also user-friendly for different regions.

2. Alarms

When alarms happen, the new Smart Client can notify with details and sounds and with alarm counting, which is convenient for the operator to deal with every alarm without missing it. Meanwhile, the operator can choose to handle single or multiple alarms, and can flexibly sort, search and filter alarms with different filters in multiple alarm widgets.

3. Maps

Another fantastic upgrade of the new Smart Client is its map, which can display zoomable and rotatable 2D to 2.5D CAD maps with mini map to satisfy different viewing requirements. In addition to these powerful map features, once again, the map offers users far more convenience, they can command execution on single and multiple devices, select map layers, and switch between multiple maps quickly by the tab. The map no doubt can greatly save users’ time and enhance efficiency improvements.

Visitor Management: now also available for Building Integration System

Effective visitor management must go beyond meeting and greeting visitors who enter the reception area of any business or public building. It must enhance building security, protect facilities and employees, and improve users' and visitors' overall experience. Bosch's recently released easy-to-use, browser-based visitor management software offers all the benefits for enhancing the visiting process and integrates seamlessly with the Building Integration System.

Bosch Visitor Management for access control

Other important improvements and upgrades

Lectus select reader family
  • BIS 4.9 supports the new LECTUS select readers for LEGIC advant, mifare DESfire EV1 and EV2.
  • Customers can customize their own encryption key for card-to-reader-communication.
  • Continuous platform and cyber security improvements, BIS 4.9 supports SQL Server 2019 with the latest Microsoft encryption methods (TDE) tested.
  • Several improvements in setup procedure are also initiated, easier handling of (root / CA) certificates and remote SQL Server setups help to minimize installation and configuration time.

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