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Fire Alarm Systems

Remote Monitoring of Fire Alarm Systems

The frequent travel and phone calls that were previously necessary for configuration and maintenance of fire alarm systems are now a thing of the past thanks to Remote Services.

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Reliable connectivity and data security allow system integrators to offer customers seamless, efficient services for remote control and monitoring of fire detection and alarm systems. Remote Services transform your system into a state-of-the-art IoT solution. It enables remote access to our installed fire alarm systems for programming, maintenance and live monitoring of e.g. pollution level of fire detectors and alarm and trouble transmissions to smart devices.


Challenges in the integration of fire and smoke detection systems

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Complex system integration

Complex system integration

Some fire services systems are dependent on IT personnel to set them up or integrate them with existing systems.

With Remote Services, no technical expertise is required, as the system is pre-configured. Set up and commissioning takes just 30 minutes.

Issues can be identified quickly, and troubleshooting can be carried out in real time, making the process 25% more efficient.

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Fire alarm system maintenance carried out by a man looking at a laptop

Time-consuming maintenance services

Time-consuming maintenance services

Traditionally, fire alarm maintenance services are carried out on site or over the phone.
System conditions and update requirements are difficult to identify without direct access.
Maintenance reports generate laborious paperwork and process bottlenecks.

New remote connectivity offers transparency with easy-to-access data for predictive maintenance.

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A city from above

Dispersed business locations

Dispersed business locations

For optimal fire safety at commercial or industrial premises, fire detection equipment and fire sensors are installed on all floors and in all buildings and locations.

This presents logistical challenges for system integrators who can only be in one place at any time.

Remote connectivity helps overcome distance with real-time monitoring of all sites.

Two-thirds of issues can be solved remotely. This optimizes team efficiency and service provision, with significant cost savings.

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Incident response times

Incident response times

Any faults in fire alarm systems must be identified and repaired quickly to provide reliable security and safety services. Frequent false alarms and downtime can reduce trust in the fire safety system.

Thanks to digitalization and the interconnectivity of Remote Services, faults are immediately identified.

System integrators are notified instantly by email or text message so critical situations can be responded to rapidly.

Customers feel more satisfied and safe with transparency of system conditions and less downtime.

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Lack of personnel

Lack of personnel

The availability of technicians at any one time for on-site system configuration, maintenance and updates is always limited, and can vary.

On average, each system integrator is responsible for 88 monitoring systems.

Remote Services means each system integrator saves the time normally spent in transit between customer locations.

Business efficiency increases, with improved resource planning, and makes sure that the right devices are available at a maintenance call.

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Application Areas

Big shopping mall with many people



Shopping complexes are on multiple floors and comprise a mix of retail and food outlets, some of which can increase the risk of fire.

Round-the-clock, remote fire system surveillance can reassure safety managers that their fire alarms and smoke detectors are continually in good working order, even when the shops close.

Big shopping mall with many people
Large historical train stain main hall



The huge number of people passing through transport hubs, like airport and train stations at any one time, make it a necessity to monitor these areas closely for any risk of fire.

Remote Services ensures that appropriate alerts will be generated when needed.

Large historical train station main hall
Hotel complex with swaying palm trees



Varying numbers of staff and guests can be present in hotel buildings around the clock. On-site kitchens, electrical equipment and cleaning substances are just some items presenting a fire risk.

Efficient, 24/7 remote control and monitoring of fire alarm systems is vital to human safety and protection of premises.

Hotel complex with swaying palm trees
city skyline



Cultural edifices, including museums, galleries, theaters, and concert halls contain precious artefacts or works of art, and valuable technical equipment – even before visitors or fans arrive.

Their surveillance with a continually well-functioning fire protection system is crucial, so any risk and emergency to human life, cultural assets or costs can be responded to instantly.

Remote control fire alarm systems enable this.

Aerial view of city center
Production hall with blue turbines



Employeesand contractors working varying shifts mean these industrial sites are occupied at all times. Hazardous substances, including chemicals, gases, dust, and combustible materials make the work environment a high-risk area for personnel and the environment.

Proactive fire prevention can benefit greatly with round-the-clock, fire alarm remote monitoring services.

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Remote Services

How does it work

Remote Services offer a modular system based on secure, remote internet connectivity between system integrators and their customers’ fire alarm panels. This enhances all operations and services, including installation, diagnostics, maintenance, and system updates. An interactive app provides immediate alerts, 24/7, to relevant service team members’ mobile devices.

System setup
“Every new system installed will be equipped with Remote Services. We need to also connect our installed base as well.”
(Bosch Partner)

Modules and benefits

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Remote Connect

Remote Connect

  • Pre-configured for easy setup within 30 minutes
  • Continual, secure remote access for configuration, service, and troubleshooting
  • Optimized for seamless integration into RPS (Remote Programming Software)
  • More efficiency for resource planning and allocation
  • Time and cost savings of fewer journeys to customer sites

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Remote Maintenance

Remote Maintenance

  • Intuitive, instant access to fire system data including condition values and detector usage durations
  • Real-time surveillance, predictive maintenance, and service planning
  • Online download and storage of automatically generated maintenance reports
  • Integrated on-demand walk-test feature stays connected to the FPA while testing LSN (Local Security Network) loop devices

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Remote Alert

Remote Alert

  • Remote control fire alarm system
  • Instant notification of faults and alarms by SMS/email to relevant service personnel
  • Notification recipients can be defined, and notifications can be customized
  • Unlimited number of internal and external subscribers
  • Customers are reassured and satisfied with innovative, high-performance service

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Remote Interact

Remote Interact

  • Bosch mobile app, Remote Fire Safety, available for iOS and Android devices
  • Clear information on fires, system warnings and events
  • Instant push notifications in case of incidents, including location and severity level
  • Transparency for system integrators and customers, which builds trust
  • Powerful user definition and management

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Schematic drawing how to set up and connect Remote Services
Remote Interact as part of Bosch Remote Services offers clear information on fires, system warnings and events via the Bosch Remote Fire Safety App, available for iOS and Android devices. Watch Video Remote Interact

Watch Video Remote Interact

Additional benefits

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Cost saving

2 out of 3 service calls can be solved remotely. Save travel time and don’t lose time in traffic jams.

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Secure Connection

The connection is encrypted and secured by the Secure Network Gateway and is managed by Bosch-hosted servers. All services are managed through the Bosch Remote Portal. Use it with any browser interface.

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Real-time notification

Use your familiar mobile phone and receive clear information about fires, troubles and warnings.

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Maintain your systems efficiently with the online platform that monitors the conditions of installed devices. Save between 200 and 600 € per year per system.

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Easy setup

You only need a router and a license. In less than 30 minutes you are ready to go.

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Powerful user management: Define roles, access and responsibilities.

Steel manufacturing

Success story Steel manufacturing

One of Europe’s largest steel manufacturers with more than 240 installed panels and 60.000 installed detectors has its own maintenance and service team to manage its comprehensive fire alarm systems.

“You are here at the right day! Our Board announced yesterday that Remote Services is our core strategy to reduce costs all over our manufacturing plants.”


Download Handbook

Remote Services Handbook


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Johannes Stauber

Johannes Stauber

Team Lead, Product Management for Fire Detection Products

"With Remote Services the Internet of Things IoT becomes really tangible and the secure connection via cloud infrastructure with best-in-class cyber security measures is the backbone for future-oriented fire safety."

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