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Bosch Security and Safety Systems I Thailand

Railway and Metro solutions to support operations, optimize passenger experience and improve security

The transportation industry has become increasingly vulnerable to safety and security risks. Public transport operators face a crucial need to protect passengers, employees, infrastructure, and assets against possible threats, while optimizing the passengers experience and ensuring operations run smoothly, now and in the future.

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Improve safety and security

keep passengers safe and the infrastructure secure

Monitor critical areas

respond quickly to potential threats and manage incidents

Support the business

increase operational efficiency and understand passenger needs

Bosch security solutions for railway and metro

Bosch safety solutions for railway and metro

Bosch operations solutions for railway and metro

Overview of our railway and metro solutions

Overview of our railway and metro solutions

A global railway and metro security partner

World map
London Bridge Station
The Thameslink infrastructure improvement program was the biggest railway upgrade since Victorian times. Through the multi-billion pound scheme, the location is now home to around 900 of Building Technologies’ latest connected cameras, all fully integrated into the highly-sophisticated station management system. (2019).
Helsinki Metro
The Helsinki Metro is the major transit hub in Finland’s largest metropolitan region and the world’s northernmost metro system. Every year, 63 million passengers rely on the safe and efficient Helsinki Regional Transport Authority rail system, secured by Bosch. (2017).
Southeastern Rail Network
The legacy analogue surveillance system had come to the end of its service life and was overdue for an upgrade. A state of the art IP based system was required to deliver upon the clients requirements for all the depots to be fully monitored 24/7. An upgrade to an IP camera solution can provide vastly improved image quality, wider coverage and wireless capability, along with Intelligent Video Analytics and high levels of data security encryption. (2019).

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