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Our partner AxxonSoft

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AxxonSoft develops Video Management and Physical Security Information Management software. Since 2003, the company has created disruptive technologies that push the boundaries of Safety & Security. The AxxonSoft video management system receives and utilizes metadata from events and scenes captured by Bosch Video Analytics.


Joint offering

Video security:
This solution combines Bosch built-in Video Analytics with the intelligent capabilities of AxxonSoft’s VMS to reduce hardware and maintenance expenses. Customers can connect up to 10 times more cameras per server, without camera-side video analytics increasing the burden on the server's CPU. Bosch Video Analytics and AxxonSoft scene analytics can also be applied without sacrificing camera numbers per server. You can also:

  • track objects with digital zoom, thanks to Axxon Autozoom using object coordinates calculated by Bosch cameras.
  • connect pan-tilt-zoom cameras to multiple Bosch smart cameras to automatically receive and track an object’s coordinates using Axxon Tag & Track
  • find recorded events of interest in seconds with Axxon MomentQuest to utilize Bosch Video Analytics metadata (scene descriptions).


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