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Smart smoke detection in a stylish and discreet device

Bosch flush-mount smoke detectors 500 and 520 Series with optical and chemical sensors are subtle, customizable and highly reliable – the ideal solution for architects and safety system planners.

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Selecting the appropriate smoke and fire monitoring system for large premises is a significant responsibility for decision-makers such as planners and system integrators. They must weigh the long-time investment, considering both the initial costs of products and installation and the potential inconvenience of prematurely replacing the system, especially in buildings where interruptions to regular operations result in substantial business losses. The selected fire safety solution must thus be the right one for both the present and the years to come.

While every building has its own safety requirements, there are cases where additional customization of fire safety solutions becomes necessary. In clinical and pharmaceutical settings, maintaining sanitary conditions is paramount. Industrial sites often face challenges related to high volumes of dust or harmful emissions, while establishments in the hospitality, arts, or entertainment industries require fire detectors that complement their interior aesthetics. Addressing these varied customer requirements is essential. All of these are understandable customer requirements, which need to be addressed.

Bosch smoke detector 500/520 Series – the hidden gem in smoke detection

Bosch has developed a detector series including both conventional and analog addressable versions, which suit all such applications while providing highly efficient monitoring using top-quality technology. The detectors offer multiple benefits:

Reliable detection

The smoke detector 500/520 Series comprises a virtual optical chamber which functions with scattered light detection. Smoke sensors monitor two independent light areas within an open space. This detection method makes the units highly effective and reliable in detecting the first signs of smoke.

Optional CO monitoring

The smoke detector 500/520 Series is available with an optional multi-sensor detector which swiftly picks up any signs of combustion gases such as CO. Intelligent signal processing methods evaluate alarms from combined smoke and CO sensors and reliably alert personnel of the detection of released matter.

Easy maintenance/hygiene

The smooth surface and slender design of the smoke detectors 500/520 Series make them a delight to keep clean and hygienic, saving time and service costs. While less dust builds up, any dust which does settle on the unit is continuously measured, and when cleaning or other maintenance is required a trouble signal will be triggered to maintain efficiency.

Discreet design

As the optical chamber is virtual, the physical detection unit is extremely slender and discreet, allowing it to be easily installed flush with a ceiling – hence why our customers refer to it as “invisible”. Since it does not protrude, it harmonizes well even with sleek modern interiors, making it popular with architects who enjoy design freedom.

Color coordination

Another aspect that helps the detectors remain well concealed is the wide range of colors available. The standard detectors 500/520 Series come in white, but there is also a transparent version available that can be fitted with any of the 16 RAL-colored rings for a perfect match, even in brightly decorated spaces.

Intelligent technology behind slender smoke detectors

The “invisible” smoke detector 500/520 Series operates with the scattered-light detection principle. A virtual chamber lies approximately three centimeters below the smoke detection unit, eliminating the need for a closed chamber.

In addition, the detector's lens and software prevent it from reacting to stray light, and an anti-masking feature alerts the fire panel if the detector lens becomes covered.

500 Series detector in white

The LEDs transmit light at a defined angle into the scattered light area. In case of fire, the light is scattered by the smoke particles and strikes the photo diodes, which transform the quantity of light into a proportional electrical signal. Interference effects from daylight and commercial lighting sources are filtered out with an optical daylight filter.

The sensor's various light-emitting and photodiodes are individually controlled by the detector electronics. This allows for the generation of signal combinations that are independent of each other and are ideally suited for smoke detection, enabling the differentiation between smoke and interfering agents such as insects or objects.

Moreover, plausibility checking of the various signals makes it possible to detect errors in the analysis electronics and the LEDs. This dual optical smoke detection, along with optional CO gas sensors, monitors conditions within an area and enables alarm evaluation, significantly reducing nuisance alarms.

By linking the optical sensors and the gas sensor, the OC detector can also be used in environments where activities generate small amounts of smoke, steam, or dust.

All sensor signals are constantly analyzed by the internal signal evaluation electronics and are linked with each other through algorithms.

500 Series detector separated into parts, showing its composition

The detectors operate effectively in areas where traditional photoelectric detectors are deemed intrusive or prone to dust accumulation, thereby broadening the range of applications suitable for the 500/520 Series installation. Moreover, they reduce service time and costs, and if a detector requires more extensive servicing, it can be easily exchanged using a push/remove system with minimal effort.

Application areas requiring high efficiency, harmony and hygiene

The 500/520 Series is an ideal solution for addressing diverse fire safety scenarios. These include applications which pose specific challenges, but where a high standard of fire detection is vital.

Trust in our advanced technology to provide highly efficient fire detection, even in the most challenging environments. With optional CO monitoring capabilities, the 500/520 Series ensures comprehensive protection against multiple threats, enhancing safety to the highest degree.

Elevate the aesthetics of any space with the sleek and discreet design of the 500/520 Series. Available in a variety of colors to complement any décor, this system seamlessly integrates into its surroundings, blending functionality with style for a harmonious environment.

Say goodbye to concerns about dust accumulation and cumbersome cleaning procedures. The 500/520 Series is engineered with hygiene in mind, featuring innovative components that prevent dust buildup and facilitate effortless cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a pristine and sanitary environment at all times.



Bosch Security Systems has provided an integrated security solution for the Hilton complex in Bursa, Turkey, comprising the 5-star Hilton Bursa Convention Center & Spa and the 3-star Hampton by Hilton Bursa. Despite operating as separate entities, both hotels required a centralized security system. The Hilton offers 187 guest rooms, meeting rooms, ballrooms, a spa, and restaurants, while the Hampton features 107 guest rooms, a fitness center, and meeting facilities. Partnering with Bosch, system integrator Ateksis designed a comprehensive security and safety setup including fire detection, access control, video surveillance, and voice alarm, all managed through Bosch's Building Integration System (BIS). Ateksis implemented Bosch fire alarm panels across both hotels, ensuring seamless operation. Bosch's discreet smoke detectors 500/520 Series were installed in public areas to complement the hotels' elegant architecture.

Sebastian Wehr

Sebastian Wehr, Product Manager for Fire Detectors

You may know Bosch as supplier for fire alarm solutions including a wide range of detectors. Thanks to advanced technology and high quality, our AVENAR detectors are extremely reliable and durable. They have been installed in thousands of applications, protecting lives and assets.

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