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Dicentis Conference System from Bosch facilitates top-level meetings in Europe

January 2023

View of the empty NATO conference room with a DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen in focus.

The officials of the G7 Leaders’ Summit and the NATO Foreign Ministers meeting in Romania at the end of 2022 both relied on Dicentis from Bosch to provide clear communications in multiple languages. With a fully IP-based architecture, Dicentis is built on open standards to enable the highest degree of flexibility, superior audio performance for up to 100 languages, and the most powerful security protection on the market, to safeguard sensitive data throughout the conference chain. The meetings both had a requirement for ISO 20109 equipment to ensure seamless and reliable operation. This made Dicentis the obvious choice for Romanian Congress Rental Network partner Conference Systems, who supplied the equipment at both events.

Encouraging debate
While the agendas and locations for the two meetings were different, their conferencing needs were similar. As such, the Dicentis discussion device with touchscreen was the main component of both systems. Featuring a 4.3” capacitive touch screen and built in NFC reader for fast recognition of participants, the devices are configurable for single participants, dual users, or a chairperson, making them a flexible solution that was ideal to address the needs of both events.

All the discussion devices were programmed in dual-use mode with the same camera prepositioning. Camera control was done by our partner using a third-party system. We had to be sure that the system would switch every time, with the right camera and the right preposition. Both systems worked in tandem without any issues.

explains Conference Systems General Manager, Dan Pascu

Dicentis interpreter desks with interpreter headphones were used for the simultaneous translations, which were distributed to participants via Integrus radiators.

The largest issue faced by the Conference Systems team came from a late change at the Romanian NATO conference. “The biggest challenge was the fact that we had to connect two booths that had been located in another area of the Romanian Parliament,” recalls Pascu. “This transformed the original setup from 10 booths plus the original language in one room to 10 booths plus two further booths in a side room, plus the original language with all the functions for the remote interpreter desk enabled.” Conference Systems found out about this change just five days before the event. But thanks to the high flexibility of Dicentis and the company’s deep understanding of the technology, the event passed flawlessly.

These were both great events for us and for our partners, and we are pleased to have exceeded the clients’ expectations. As CRN representative for Romania, we have once again proved the quality of the services provided by any CRN member on five continents when we rely on Dicentis.

reflects Pascu
View of the empty NATO conference room with a DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen in focus.
Up close view of the Presidency seating area, with a DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen in the center, along with a gavel on the right and a NATO notepad.
Seating of German’s Presidency at the G7 Summit with a DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen in the middle and the rest of the DICENTIS Conference System in the back.
Angled view of the DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen on the round table at the G7 Summit.

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