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Bosch Security and Safety Systems | Czech Republic / Slovakia
Intrusion Alarm Systems

Motion sensors and detectors

Activated motion sensor on a wall

Whether you are securing a small business, a large commercial property or a high-security facility, you need reliable motion detectors that offer instant responses to intruders.

Bosch has a long history of patented, award winning performance in the field of intrusion alarm systems. Our products are extremely reliable, providing excellent catch performance, while virtually eliminating false alarms. With continuous investments in R&D, we ensure that the most advanced technologies are used in our devices. For example, our Bosch motion detectors alone hold more than 60 patents! As a result our products are not only intelligent and reliable with best-in-class detection performance, they are also easy to install and built to last, reducing installation and maintenance costs.

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    Excellent catch performance
  • no false alarms
    Highest level of false alarm immunity
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    Easy to install
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    Built to last

Excellent catch performance

Using state-of-the-art technologies to ensure rapid and reliable detection.

Highest level of false alarm immunity

Bosch innovations to virtually eliminate false alarms, even in challenging environments.

Easy to install

All Bosch motion sensors are designed with unique features to speed up the installation. These features also reduce installer errors that can lead to false alarms or missed detection, thus reducing service calls.

Opened motion detector with sealed optics and electronics, biaxial bubble level and removable terminal strip.


Motion detector easy to install one pager

Built to last

Test machine in a Bosch motion detection test lab

With decades of experience and a great dedication to high-quality solutions, Bosch offers products that are engineered to meet or exceed the most stringent environmental and handling requirements. This also includes significant testing in Bosch’s state-of-the-art testing facility ensuring that all components of the system work as they are intended to work. With an average of 100 years between failures, it’s no understatement to say that our high-quality optics and electronics are built to last.

We provide a standard 3 to 5 year manufacturer warranty on our intrusion detectors, even going up to 8 years on our TriTech motion detectors in the EMEA region. This stands as proof of our commitment to not only comply with regulations, but also meet the highest quality and reliability standards.

A motion detector for every security need

The more critical the application, the more sensitivity and coverage you need from your motion detector. For maximum flexibility, Bosch offers a choice of passive infrared sensors and dual-technology sensors (TriTech) that suit different application requirements.

Our motion sensor portfolio

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Contact us

If you are interested in our intrusion alarm products, or you would like to find out where to buy, please click the button to contact your local contact person.


No, sensors are part of a security system. A control panel is needed to connect the sensors to the security system. Bosch offers different types of control panels. However, our motion sensors can also be connected to control panels from any other brand.

PIR measures the difference in infrared energy, or heat, to look for changes in the environment. Such as an intruder entering the room. The term “Passive” in ‘Passive Infrared Technology’ implies that these detectors only observe their environments; they do not send out signals or beams of energy.

Doppler Radar transceivers actively sends out low levels of microwave energy and look for a change in the signals as they return. If there is no movement in the area, the signals received will be stable, if there is movement in the detection area the signals will change.

Bosch motion detectors work best when mounted vertically, as this ensures full optical coverage of the area. To help with this, the detectors come with an integrated bubble level that can assist with alignment. The mounting brackets are also available to correct imperfections of mounting surfaces.

A ceiling mounted motion detector is necessary if there are obstacles that block the view of detection of a wall mounted motion detector. Such obstacles may be office cubicles, store shelves, and counters. Bosch offers low profile and high profile ceiling detectors in the colors black and white.

You can find the certifications in the technical product information, i.e. data sheets, which you can all find in our online product catalog.

You can buy our motion detectors from specialized dealers and distributors, or become a direct customer from a certain value upwards. You can find the addresses of our dealers with the Bosch dealer locator.

If you purchased the detector from a specialized distributor, please contact their customer support. For those who are direct customers of Bosch, our expert technical support team can be only reached via email, in this document you will find the right e-mail address for your region.

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