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Our partner Panasonic

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Panasonic Corporation is one of the largest electronic product manufacturers in the world and a leader in the development of electronic technologies and solutions for consumers and business customers.
The company manufactures and markets a wide range of products under the Panasonic brand to enhance and enrich lifestyles all around the globe.
Panasonic offers among others a range of specialized PTZ cameras specifically for broadcasting, streaming, remote interpretation and videoconferencing.


Joint offering

By combining the video expertise from Panasonic products with the audio expertise of Bosch, the video and audio of the current speaker during a meeting will be of excellent quality as PTZ cameras of Panasonic have been integrated with Bosch conference and discussion systems in order to show the live video stream with low latency of the active speaker automatically on screens.

Bosch conference and discussion systems
Our range of highly secure and extremely versatile conference systems, offer solutions for different application areas, from small local events to giant international summits. Based on the application type, the number of seats and the required system functions, you can choose the right conference solution for all your customers.

Features of the interface
The active speaker will be displayed on monitors, which is the live video stream of the camera. The position of the PTZ camera is triggered by the Panasonic HD Integrated Camera Interface protocol, which is stored in the memory of this PTZ camera. The HD-SDI video streams of the camera will be transported via a video switcher to hall displays or video wall in the meeting room and the H.264 video stream is also displayed on the Bosch DICENTIS Multimedia devices, Meeting Application and on the HDMI connected external display of the Interpreter desk.

Verticals: City councils, regional councils, parliaments, non-governmental organization, court houses, commercial buildings, banking, rentals, convention centers, congress hotels etc.


Useful links
Panasonic Technical website
Supported solutions are listed here: DICENTIS, DICENTIS Wireless, CCS1000D