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Combining a CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System with a remote meeting solution

For several reasons - illness, maternity leave or travel ban due to cost savings - it might not always be possible to meet in person. In these remote meetings, the audio quality is often questionable and in meetings with many participants, it is often hard to see who is talking.

Wifi-based wireless conferencing
Close up of a DICENTIS multimedia device

This is exactly why facilitating remote solutions becomes more important. You need a good and accessible solution that makes remote meetings as natural and efficient as possible.

Bosch offers the perfect combination of a CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System with a remote meeting solution. This setup not only provides the perfect solution for remote audio distribution, but can also facilitate remote video distribution.

Benefits from the perfect combination of a CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System with a remote meeting solution

  • Graphic representing a remote conference solution
    This remote Bosch solution allows for the easy integration of standard components into the CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System.
  • Graphic represents someone working remotely
    The system facilitates attending meetings from home when the need is greatest, for example when travel is banned due to cost/time savings.
  • Graphic represents automatic camera control
    Automatic camera control always increases involvement in meetings. It enables all participants to see the face of the speaker, resulting in a near face-to-face meeting experience.
  • Graphic represents high audio quality
    Audio quality is always the most challenging in remote meetings. The CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System in combination with remote meeting solutions provides optimal audio quality due to dedicated conference microphones and loudspeakers for each delegate.


Close up of a meeting participant with conference devices on a table

The straightforward and cost-effective CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System can be used inside the conference room.

To make the solution complete, you also need third party system components.

Solution components

  • Graphic representing conference devices
    Whether remote meeting participants are connected to a meeting room or multiple meeting rooms are interconnected, the concept stays the same: control and conference devices of the CCS 1000 D solution can be used in combination with external third-party conference platforms.
  • Graphic represents single or multiple cameras
    Depending on the setup of the meeting room, you need one camera (CAM) or multiple cameras (CAMS).
  • Graphic represents video switcher
    On a conference location with multiple cameras, a video switcher - which is controlled by the CCS 1000 D System - selects the output of the active camera.
  • Graphic represents A/V bridge
    An AV bridge combines audio and video signals and makes them available via USB. This way the interconnection to the computer is made easy.
  • Graphic represents a laptop
    A PC handles one of the standard, online collaboration tools like Teams, Zoom, Google Meet etc.
  • Graphic represents a room display
    And, as the last device inside the meeting room, a room display to show the remote participants is recommended.
  • Icon represents a remote meeting participant
    The participants outside the conference room need a basic setup to be able to follow and interact in the meeting. They are set with a headset and PC handling the same online collaboration tools as in the meeting room.

Single meeting room setup, connecting multiple remote participants

In this first setup, the remote participants are equipped with a webcam and a headset and they all follow the proceedings on the same remote meeting platform as in the meeting room.

The interactivity of the configuration tool below only works when the document is downloaded.

Meeting room set up with socially distanced conference devices and symbols for remote meetings

Multiple meeting room setup, connecting different locations

In this second setup, due to cost savings for example, a group of participants cannot travel so it is necessary to connect two remote meeting sites with each other. Both meeting sites are equipped with CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System. In both conference rooms, a computer is running the same collaboration software: either Teams, Zoom or other platforms. The locations can be further configured based on their individual setups: either with an AV bridge or with a single camera connected to the computer with the collaboration software. For details check the previous scenario.

The interactivity of the configuration tool below only works when the document is downloaded.

Multiple meeting room set up with socially distanced conference devices and symbols for remote meetings

Find your way through our conference portfolio

Meeting chairman using DICENTIS Conference system devices

DICENTIS Conference System

  • Future-proof solution with license-based expandability
  • Flexible and cost-effective installation and maintenance
  • Secure and reliable solution
  • Easy integration with 3rd party equipment and software
DICENTIS Wireless device on the table at a meeting

DICENTIS Wireless Conference System

  • Standard WiFi technology
  • Zero audio interference
  • Touch-screen participant devices
  • True wireless connectivity
  • Wireless redundancy
A chairman using a CCS 1000 D chairman device at a meeting

CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System

  • Convenient recording
  • Native support for HD camera
  • Advanced configuration and control
  • Built-in acoustical feedback suppression
  • Energy saving mode
Participants following a conference with headsets and INTEGRUS Pocket Receiver. Interpreter behind her DICENTIS Interpreter desk.

INTEGRUS Language Distribution System

  • Advanced digital technology for a superior listening experience
  • Secure, tamper-free infrared audio signal distribution
  • No interference from Wi-Fi signal jammers or lighting
  • Flexible, license-based expansion of up to 32 channels
  • Easy and seamless integration with the IP-based DICENTIS Conference System
  • Hassle-free operation and maintenance with long battery lifetime

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