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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Create a smarter, safer and more sustainable transportation ecosystem.

Application traffic city

City streets and sidewalks are becoming more congested, while connected and autonomous technologies in vehicles are increasing. Safety concerns like these pose a significant challenge for city planners and senior traffic engineers to improve mobility, safety, and efficient use of roadways now and in the future.



Provide better insights and information for data-driven decision making with Video Analytics built-in to Bosch IP cameras


Keep roadways flowing safely and efficiently with video-as-a-sensor technology enabled by true "edge" analytics

More Sustainable

Improve and maintain traffic management systems with camera-generated analytics data and via partnerships with highway information solution providers

Use cases for traffic-related challenges

The power of integrated security solutions for ITS is available whether you choose a complete solution from us, or combine our technology with software from one of our partners.

ITS product portfolio


ITS (longer) brochure

ITS brochure

Delivering safety alerts and data to maximize mobility

MIC cameras for ITS leaflet

MIC cameras for ITS leaflet

The smartest investment for intelligent transportation systems

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