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Warranty and warranty extension

Industry leading standard warranty period

Most Bosch Security and Safety products come with a three-year or five-year manufacturer's warranty and offer a warranty extension of up to two years. The new standard warranty period on all our fixed optical cameras and the fixed parts of our moving cameras is five years.

Extend warranty

Extend warranty

We offer BOOST warranty extension as a manufacturer warranty with predictable and transparent maintenance and operating cost for a period of up to two years. BOOST warranty extension available for most of the Bosch Security and Safety Systems product portfolio extends your coverage further.

Warranty period
Accordingly, this means warranties can be extended:

  • by 12 months (one year), from three to four years, by ordering the respective warranty extension CTN once.
  • by 24 months (two years), from three to five years, by ordering the respective warranty extension CTN twice.

An extension beyond five years total warranty is not possible.

Your easy way to get the BOOST warranty extension for your products.

Project Order

Project order

  • The end-user orders a security, safety, or communication solution, including optional warranty extension.
  • The system integrator (SI) makes a system design with a bill of material and orders the required products and warranty extension from his distributor (DI). For selected accounts, the SI might order directly from Bosch.
Product Delivery

Product delivery

  • Products are shipped from DI’s warehouse (or directly by Bosch).
  • The DI orders warranty extension from Bosch.
    Note: Even though the SI places one single order to the DI, the DI might not order the products and the warranty extension together.
  • The SI installs and commissions the products.
Warranty Extension Registration

Warranty extension registration

  • The SI forwards the product serial numbers for warranty extension registration to DI (or directly to Bosch). The serial numbers are registered by Bosch.
    Note: On prior request, Bosch can provide the serial numbers of all products shipped by Bosch.
  • The DI might request the SI to confirm the serial numbers and shipping date to ensure that these are the products actually installed for the project.
  • The warranty starts on the shipping date to the end customer.
Warranty Extension Certificate

Warranty extension certificate

  • Bosch sends a warranty extension certificate to the DI. The certificate documents and confirms the serial numbers and the extended warranty start date and period.
  • The DI forwards the certificate to the SI.
  • The SI forwards the certificate to the end customer.

Two ways of order warranty extension

We offer you both options for extending the warranty. Simultaneously with the purchase of the products or later, after the products were purchased at an earlier time.

Warranty extension is ordered together in the same purchase order as the new hardware product (camera). All cameras of the specific order shall be extended. Cameras that shall not be extended are preferably ordered separately. However, if ordered together, the customer must provide information (product model and amount) about the products which shall be extended.

Serial number and purchase date identification is simple and straightforward. By default, the serial numbers of the shipped products are tracked and used for the warranty extension. The order date of the warranty extension and of the ordered products are identical.

Warranty extension is ordered in a separate order for products purchased at an earlier point of time.
Note: Product item (serial number) must still be in the regular warranty period and the product model (CTN) is still in production.

Order may include no camera or a mix of cameras that shall be extended and cameras that shall not be extended or only warranty extensions.

The CTNs, serial numbers of the products to be extended and the date of purchase of these products must be provided as additional information together with the order for the warranty extension. (This additional information may be provided by the distributor or system integrator based on their own records.)

Note: Serial numbers of IP cameras can be downloaded from an installed system with the Bosch Video Config Manager.

Warranty extension cannot be ordered if the product item (serial number) is already out of warranty or if production of the product model (CTN) was already discontinued. Once the regular ‘new product’ warranty has expired, we only offer chargeable repair b. We do NOT offer warranty extension anymore.

Answers to frequently asked questions

The product warranty starts on the date of handover to the customer. This is the date on the invoice.

To submit a valid warranty claim, the customer needs to provide a 'Proof of Purchase' (PoP). This PoP ususally is an invoice that shows the date of the purchase and the serial number of the product purchased.
The PoP is not required if the product was manufactured less than three years before the warranty calim. The production date will automatically be identified from the serial number of the product.

Once the warranty is expired, service and support is still available as long as the product is still available and in production. Even after the end of production of a specific product, service and support is usually still available for a period of five years and in some cases even longer. Depending on the product we offer either chargeable repair, replacement products and / or spare parts for products that have a hardware failure. Also software and firmware updates are still offered. For more details please take a look at our service and support policies.

Warranty extension can be ordered together (on the same order number as the new product, recommended) or at a later point in time if the product item (serial number is still in warranty) and the product model (CTN) is still in production.

You can order warranty extension at the same place as you order products. Direct customer order at the Bosch order desk, indirect customer order at their distributors.

To order warranty extension, the CTN, the serial number and the purchase date (invoice date) of the product that shall be extended are required as additional information.

  • CTN and serial number are printed on the product label
  • CTN and serial number can be downloaded from an existing installation using the Bosch Config Manager
  • the Bosch order desk can support to retrieve serial numbers and shipping date of products based on the Bosch order number that is printed on the invoice
  • CTN and serial number and shipping date might be documented in the IT-system of the distributor or in the customer documentation created by the system integrator

End users can order warranty extension at any Bosch partner. This does not need to be the same partner where the product was initially purchased. A list of certified Bosch partner is provided by the Bosch local sales office.

The maximum warranty period is five years. Products with a three year warranty can be extended by a maximum of two years.

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