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Bosch Security and Safety Systems I Indonesia

You detect issues before they become problems

Security systems in tunnels need to be able to count cars and recognize when they’re backing up or have broken down. They need to be alert to fires, enable quick reaction in critical situations and do all this while being blinded by harsh tunnel lighting and headlamps.

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Customer stories

Eurasia Tunnel

Eurasia Tunnel, Turkey

From Europe to Asia in 15 minutes - Bosch helps to keep the new Eurasia tunnel safe and secure for a fast traffic flow.

Tunnel of Montenegrone

Tunnel of Montenegrone, Italy

Yellowish sodium lighting, the glare of headlamps and smog make monitoring a tunnel for accidents, queues, smoke or cars headed the wrong way hard. Bosch installed cameras without interrupting flow, offering sharp resolution, algorithm-based detection – and a safe journey to nonna’s.

Sylvestre Begnis Subfluvial Tunnel

Sylvestre Begnis Subfluvial Tunnel, Argentina

In the Uranga Tunnel, VHS visualization was still working fine but recording systems needed to be updated to digital. A management platform from Bosch anticipated future IP enlargements, enabled access to monitoring from anywhere in the world and is even ready for more of “the new” – fiber optics.

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