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IP horn loudspeakers and amplifier module firmware release 2.1

New in 2.1 are more extensive HTTP(S) communication options for ONVIF and WEB-GUI / API

Video security with immediate audio intervention

Bosch IP horn loudspeaker hanging at a wall with a dome video camera next to it

We are pleased to announce a new firmware release for the IP Horn and Amplifier module. With this new release 2.1 we extend how the HTTP(S) communication for ONVIF and WEB-GUI / API can be handled with respect to the ports used.

So far the HTTP(S) communication for ONVIF was on a different port then for the WEB-GUI / API. This has changed now in release 2.1 where we added the possibility to have the same HTTP(S) communication port for both ONVIF and WEB-GUI / API, next to different ports. Both options are configurable so that the user can select which one to use depending on the project.

Existing IP Horns and Amplifier modules can be updated to the new Firmware 2.1.

A complete system solution from Bosch

Bosch is a proven global leader in IP-based security cameras, video analytics and professional loudspeakers, all of which deliver a beneficial combination of innovation, reliability and versatility for an array of applications. An integrated security system solution comprising Bosch IP-based horn loudspeakers with Bosch IP-based cameras can therefore offer the convenience of a single vendor with an unparalleled level of synchronized audio-visual performance.

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