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Public address and voice alarm

PRAESENSA IP-Based Public Address and Voice Alarm System

IP-connected and fully-featured

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PRAESENSA sets a new industry benchmark for mid-to-large applications. It is an advanced and extremely cost-efficient IP-connected public address and voice alarm system, using a smart-power concept and integrated redundancies, making it perfect for both centralized and decentralized topologies.

#AlwaysAhead: How does an IP-based public address and voice alarm system achieve more?

What can it offer consultants, system integrators, installers, facility managers, building owners and end-users? How can you take full advantage of IP-related benefits?


Basic system components

Explore the full potential of our PRAESENSA public address system components. Designed with IP-networking at its core, each component contributes to ease-of-installation, ease-of-use and cost-efficiency, bringing peace of mind to a new level. Discover the entire range of PRAESENSA products and components in our extensive product catalog.

Ideal for mid-to-large application areas

As a pioneer in the public address industry, Bosch understands that operator comfort and peace of mind is paramount. You need a PAVA system that you understand, that understands how you work and what you need to do your job. That’s why Bosch created the IP-based PRAESENSA public address and voice alarm system with an interface that keeps you in charge and helps you at every step. First, a user-friendly design lets you know what’s going on, audio or voice messaging, in every area. Need to adjust the volume and music selection per area? No problem. And when you need to make an announcement, the system will guide you through, and let you know when the voice announcement has been made successfully. Other users, such as emergency and safety personnel, have their own access to the PA system, which will adjust to meet their requirements, giving you one less thing to worry about.

The road to PRAESENSA…

Consultants, system integrators, installers, venue owners and end-users can all benefit from the IP-based PRAESENSA public address and voice alarm system. Easy to specify, install, adapt and use, it bridges the gap between need and functionality. The needs of our customers have been at the heart of the creation of PRAESENSA. Two of our partners can testify about this. Hear also about this journey direct from our development team.



Learn more about the IP-based PRAESENSA public address and voice alarm system design, intuitive interface and practice application design. This will help make your work more efficient, your public address projects more profitable and your support network bigger.

Create an account on the Bosch Communication Systems Academy and register for the training that suits you best. Qualify yourself for PRAESENSA and tell your customers all about it.

Downloads and other resources

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PRAESENSA overview


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System integration of emergency and safety systems

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