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Project Assistant

The smart way for a more efficient video security project

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Keeping track of a video security project can be a time-consuming task

The planning, configuration, installation and reporting of a video security project involves multiple tools and extensive man hours to complete and document the process, so it’s difficult for system integrators to manage various projects through each phase. Add to this pre-configuration of cameras, assignment of IP addresses and secure passwords, installations, configurations on site, status alignment internally within the project team and reporting to customers, it’s no surprise that errors, damages and poor communications can occur. This adds time and costs to a project, which can have an adverse effect on clients satisfaction.

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That task has just been made very simple by a very clever app

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Designed and developed by Bosch Security Systems to assist system integrators, the Project Assistant app is available to download for free from various App stores for installation on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices, and works on Apple, Windows and Google platforms. We wanted it to be accessible to everyone, because everyone should be benefiting from the control, transparency and efficiency made possible by the Project Assistant app at every phase of a video security project.

Now, project set-up and pre-configuration can start in the office without the physical camera. Only the project plans, IP addresses and a password from the client are required for the system integrator to create a new project via the app (or an Excel-compatible file format), with the option to set up per camera, or multiple cameras at once.

A process of elimination makes for a more efficient project

A helpful time-saving feature of the Project Assistant app is the ability to automatically enter the information for each camera in the project. Further information like camera name and location can also be added via the app without the need for the cameras to be physically present. Creating a set of virtual cameras within the app eliminates the need for unboxing and re-boxing of products for labelling and pre-configuration in the system integrator’s office, and has been found to deliver significant time savings of up to 30%.

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Match virtual cameras to real ones, in real time

matching camera

Once the cameras are physically installed on site and connected to a network, they’re ready to be matched to the virtual cameras set up in the Project Assistant app (via Wi-Fi or cable connection to the same network). By simply scanning a QR code from the camera box, on the outside of the Bosch camera, or the sticker sheet inside the box, the MAC address of the camera is identified and assigned to a specific virtual camera in the app. This action writes the pre-defined settings in the Project Assistant app directly to the camera. Once the pre-defined settings are uploaded, the system integrator can set up the field of view, adjust image sharpness and apply additional camera settings if required.

Project transparency has clear benefits

The Project Assistant app is not only designed to support the management of a video security project at every step, it makes final reporting easier too, because every camera can be contacted, checked and reported in a matter of seconds. A final client-ready report is then delivered minutes later, complete with field of view snapshots. Also, projects set-up in the app can be shared via the Cloud across multiple stakeholders, providing them with connectivity and transparency by giving each one the opportunity to access a clear, detailed overview of the status at any time during the project.

The Bosch Project Assistant app makes project planning, pre-configuration, commissioning and reporting more efficient, so every video security project is faster, more controllable, and transparent. Overall, it’s the smart way to plan a video security project.

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Download Project Assistant

Bosch Project Assistant app

With the free Bosch Project Assistant app System Integrators get a complete overview of a video security camera project, which makes planning, pre-configuration, commissioning and reporting more efficient, more transparent and more accessible. And, by delivering time-savings on your project of up to 30%, more efficient, too.

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Video Quick Guides

Video Quick Guides

To help with any questions when getting started, we have created some short clips to guide you through the initial steps for setting up the Project Assistant. The videos walk through the 5 mains steps for setting up a project in the app to answer any initial questions. From creating a project, to connecting it with the cloud, adding cameras and adjusting their settings, to finalizing the project and exporting the report, we show how to do it all with the Project Assistant.

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