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Video Systems Training

Get certified: Enroll in our training program

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Our training is designed to help system integrators and users maximize our video systems potential. It equips them with the necessary knowledge to design, install, and maintain top-quality Bosch security solutions that meet their customers needs. We offer online web-based training (WBT), virtual classroom and in-person trainings, and online webinars, making it easy to achieve the necessary certifications for improving work efficiency and project profitability.

By offering both technical and commercial trainings, you can expand your knowledge on Bosch products, software and technologies. By completing our technical trainings, you will receive a certificate that is valid for two years.

We have a simplified technical certification process, which means three certifications are available ranging from camera, recorder and BVMS certifications. Commercial trainings are available as well (without certification), introducing the unique selling points of our product families. Please be aware that to conduct one of these trainings, you need to create an account on our Bosch Security and Safety Academy.

Technical training certifications

For simplification purposes, we offer three type of technical certifications. Select the right training based on your needs and the products / software that you work with.

What else? With exception of the BVMS certification, all certifications will be available in three formats. You can choose which format suits you best:

  • Online Web-Based (WBT). Learn at your own pace with free online courses covering the majority of our portfolio.
  • Virtual classroom training. Register in advance for a hands-on, live session with an experienced trainer.
  • Online webinar. Register for a webinar via the academy. Includes a live Q&A with an experienced trainer*

*Available soon!

Commercial training certifications

Get to know the unique selling points of our product families and understand why you should choose a Bosch product. As all of these trainings are based online, you can define the time and speed you want to follow the training on.

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