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Congress and Exhibition Center

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At international congresses, quality standards for the equipment used are extremely high. Our conference systems offer the perfect balance of full functionality across multiple media, excellent sensitivity, superior output quality and intuitive use for participants.

Customer stories

ICE Krakow, Poland

ICE Krakow, Poland

Changing space arrangements and a wide range of different events pose challenges to assuring audiences are safe and secure at all times while enjoying best sound and acoustics.

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G-20 summit 2014, Australia

At events this important, technology takes a back seat to weightier issues. Bosch helped 20 heads of state, senior officials, finance ministers, 4,000 delegates and countless interpreters talk for two days straight, capturing every word and gesture without being noticed once. That’s praise enough.

Corferias International Exhibition Center

Corferias International Exhibition Center, Colombia

To enable early incident detection at this 50,000 square meter exhibition center, Bosch installed high speed dome cameras and fire panels throughout. Building Integration Software enabled intuitive management, so that even with crowds and high attendance sessions, it was business as usual.

Our solutions for congress and exhibition center

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