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Overcoming the challenges of fire safety in the food and beverage industry

Women with smock and hood looking at a filled bottle that she has taken from a conveyor belt full of other filled bottles

For added risks like combustible materials and high ceilings, fire and smoke detection cameras from Bosch provide faster, more reliable detection than traditional alarm systems.

Production facilities for all our favorite ingredients, meals, snacks and drinks are continually in action to supply businesses and stores which work to satisfy consumer hunger and cravings. The pace, power and products required to keep up with demand, however, all pose many fire risks. AVIOTEC monitors for any sources of smoldering and flames to keep the food chain safely in motion.

  • Long conveyor belt with many cooking coming out of a huge industrial oven
  • Bosch AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 video-based fire and smoke detection camera

Global provision of food and drinks has for decades extended way beyond what our bodies need to consume for our survival. From the regular supply of ingredients or products for catering in restaurants, canteens, fast-food outlets, bars and cafés, to making goods available to purchase for domestic cooking and consumption, foods and beverages are continually produced on an industrial scale. There is a huge, complex process behind the goods we find in our local supermarkets, diners, our favorite bakery or the hotdog kiosk on the corner. This mass production, however, not only supplies businesses and feeds humans and animals – it also creates risks of fire and combustion. Just one major fire anywhere along the supply chain can impact business continuity. Therefore, the response to any hint of kindling needs to be fast.

All-round fire safety solution

large semi-open warehouse with thousands of sugar sacks and a conveyor-belt for easier transportation

AVIOTEC alerts safety managers at food, beverage and other industrial processing plants to the actual source of any sign of flames or smoke. This means one spark from machinery, initial smoldering emanating from stocks of cardboard or even a mild explosion will be picked up by its surveillance cameras. This footage is processed in real time with algorithms which, within seconds, determine if the threat of fire is real, as in these examples or a false alarm, such as a person walking past a window while smoking a cigarette. Open storage constructions left to the elements outside, mountains of powdered and other dry ingredients, huge silos and warehouses can all be covered by the positioning of smart AVIOTEC cameras monitoring for any signs of ignition, flames and smoke, day and night. AVIOTEC raises rapid, reliable alerts on active processing sites with multiple risks of fire or combustion – even after business hours.

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