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Bosch Security and Safety Systems | Czech Republic / Slovakia

Power to Predict

Know what's next with video systems from Bosch

Heads up

Man walking in city

Okay, we can’t predict what birds will do next or change a thief's mind. But by combining AI-driven video analytics and IoT, we can help anticipate a whole lot more. Our AI-driven video analytics go beyond security to give users an ever-deeper understanding of scenes and situations. It helps strengthen security and safety, avoid potential damage, and gain insights into parking occupancy, people counts, and vehicle classifications. Plus, users can respond proactively and predict unforeseen or future situations.

Stay one step ahead

Imagine what we could do if we knew what was next. We could prevent things from happening, protect people and property, or even reveal opportunities to create new revenue streams or reduce operational costs. By combining artificial intelligence (AI) with the Internet of Things (IoT), our solutions ultimately give everyone the Power to Predict. So they'll always stay one step ahead.

Woman sitting behind table and tripping thief

Beyond video security

Moving towards predictive solutions requires thinking beyond security to make more efficient use of the rich data generated by video systems. Like making video cameras understand what they’re seeing, and adding context to captured video. It means supporting informed decisions by consolidating, analyzing, augmenting, and visualizing data from multiple sensors. And using that data to tackle ever more complex tasks reliably. So we move one step closer towards predictive solutions with video systems from Bosch.

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