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Customized safety and security solution

21-storey skyscraper is kept safe and secure, combining fire alarm-, voice evacuation-, access control- and video systems.

A picture of the warsaw skyscraper with a bosch safety and security solution



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Central Point Warsaw


Integration of every part to a custom safety and security solution that gives tenants maximum freedom in using the office space according to their needs with no limitation in creating individual floor plans.

Product solutions

Fully integrated system including AVENAR Fire Panel, PAVIRO Public Address and Voice Evacuation System as well as Access Modular Controller.

A skyscraper with a combined and scalable safety and security solution

Located atop a metro station, where two lines of the city’s metro system meet, a huge new 21-storey skyscraper towers over the Warsaw skyline. Primarily designed for premium offices, the 19,100m2 space called Central Point had to be fitted with top of the line fire safety, public address and voice evacuation, access control and video security solutions. The project required that the building management team could centrally manage and monitor the system.

Because the Central Point building is only part occupied, it was important for the owners to factor in scalability and flexibility with the design layout of the individual units within it. Most of the offices at Central Point were created in a ‘white box’ concept, where the tenants would later decide the layout. Since the usage types of the various rooms depends on the needs of the tenants, the safety and security systems had to be deployed in a way that is easily customizable at a later date, to meet the specific requirements of new occupants while being fully in line with all safety regulations.

Warsaw skyscraper integrates safety and security sytem of bosch

Central Point was looking for a reliable fire safety system with maximum flexibility for their tenants in designing their office space. Thanks to the technical capabilities of Bosch point type detectors, building managers can rest easy with a flexible, proven fire alarm system with minimal false positives.

says Krzysztof Kostecki, Country Cluster Manager at Bosch Security Systems.

A fully integrated system that enables intelligent monitoring everywhere

Fire alarm system and voice alarm

It was important for the Central Point skyscraper to have a single combined system that could manage all aspects of fire safety, public address, evacuation, access control and video security in one. Bosch was able to integrate every part to a custom safety and security solution that gives tenants maximum freedom in using the office space according to their needs with no limitation in creating individual floor plans. For fire safety, the AVENAR Fire Panels manage the detectors and interfaces with other safety systems.

  • Bosch AVENAR panel 43891
  • Bosch AVENAR panel integrated in the safety and security solution

Fire detection and voice alarm are interfaced with the PAVIRO Public Address and Voice Evacuation system via Smart Safety Link. This combination provides complete and permanent control over the evacuation process in case of emergency. Central Point also uses the Access Modular Controller, a flexible technology platform for building and elevator entrance access control.

All in one system


Building Integration System (BIS)

Video security cameras are installed around the building’s perimeter, as well as in each storey of the skyscraper and its central lobby. At the heart of all these technologies is the Building Integration System (BIS) which integrates all solutions into one system. It is capable of automating alerts to building manage-ment staff, for example, if fire detectors require cleaning. At the same time, if a fire alarm is triggered, BIS allows building security staff to view a floor map of its precise location and monitor the alert via the video security cameras, greatly facilitating decisions on which action to take in case of emergency.


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