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Scalable video & fire alarm solution safeguards Port Praski

Round the clock IP based video security for one of Europe’s largest architectural projects

Port Praski overlooking the Vistula River in the heart of Warsaw

Port Praski in Warsaw is one of Europe’s biggest architectural projects. The site’s developers required a dependable partner to deliver an integrated solution including video surveillance, fire alarm and a Building Integration System on an unprecedented scale.

Port Praski, one of Europe's largest architectural projects

Seeking a partner to handle big challenges

Port Praski is one of Europe’s largest architectural projects, occupying an area of 38 hectares overlooking the Vistula River in the heart of Poland's capital Warsaw. Likened to a ‘city inside a city’, the vast multi-phase development offers over 160,000m² of residential accommodation and 190,000m² of office space. Alongside retail areas, hotels and restaurants, it features a hospital, extensive green spaces and a purpose-built media park.

Several cameras keeping outdoor activities in check

Keeping watch over residents and businesses

Round the clock security at Port Praski is provided by a blend of hundreds of bullet, dome and moving cameras that keep watch over outdoor and underground areas, building entrances, garages and elevators. As well as providing a visible deterrent against potential crime, vandalism and antisocial behaviour, the cameras play a valuable role in capturing evidence to support investigation into incidents, and can also assist with the rapid identification of parking violations.

Fire panel inside Port Praski to maintain safety

Site-wide fire protection

Port Praski’s developers demanded a state-of-the-art fire alarm system – the Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series from Bosch – to maintain the 24/7 safety of residents, businesses and visitors. This solution naturally meets latest legislative requirements.

Port Praski located near the Vistula River in Warsaw

Trust in a world-class name

Alongside the skillset and technical resources to deliver such a large-scale project, confidence in the Bosch brand was also a key factor in Port Praski’s choice of partner. This reflects the high expectations of the development’s residential and commercial clients for the quality of their environment.

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