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Changes and trends in the conference market

The market for conference solutions has changed rapidly over the past few years, moving from standalone to more integrated solutions. Modern conference solutions must offer more, in terms of capabilities, security and cost to meet the needs of customers across the market.

Changes and trends in the conference market
Remote participant behind a tablet or PC attends a meeting remotely. On screen the DICENTIS Hybrid Meetings collaboration tool, the hybrid meeting solution from Bosch, is shown.

Remote conferencing is a must

Conferences need the human element of in-person interaction – a fact that was confirmed during the last few years when strict contact restrictions prevented physical gatherings. In parallel, remote participation via Internet applications has shifted from being an operational necessity to being a highly efficient option for conferences moving ahead.

Close up of meeting participant wearing headphones

More languages

Today, international institutes place greater emphasis on supporting more languages to host even larger international summits in the future. Conference equipment needs to comply to the latest standards, ensuring the right quality level to serve simultaneous interpreters in the best way all over the world.

Meeting participant placing an INTEGRUS receiver in the charging case

Flexible system setup and integration

Convention centers require greater flexibility in system setup and integration of third-party systems. They need to be able to easily increase capacities for their larger or more international events.

Close up of the back view of a DICENTIS Conference device

Necessity of data security

For conferences where sensitive and confidential or highly-secure content is discussed, data must be protected against tampering, unauthorized access and eavesdropping. All data running through our Bosch conference systems is securely encrypted by proven industry technologies, satisfying the most stringent and internationally recognized standards.

Close up of the back view of a DICENTIS Conference device

Increased complexity

With these increasingly complex needs, organizations also look for cost reductions, asking to use existing networks or a single cable to share audio, video, meeting data and even internet.

Find your way through our conference portfolio

Meeting chairman using DICENTIS Conference system devices

DICENTIS Conference System

  • Future-proof solution with license-based expandability
  • Flexible and cost-effective installation and maintenance
  • Secure and reliable solution
  • Easy integration with 3rd party equipment and software
DICENTIS Wireless device on the table at a meeting

DICENTIS Wireless Conference System

  • Standard WiFi technology
  • Zero audio interference
  • Touch-screen participant devices
  • True wireless connectivity
  • Wireless redundancy
A chairman using a CCS 1000 D chairman device at a meeting

CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System

  • Convenient recording
  • Native support for HD camera
  • Advanced configuration and control
  • Built-in acoustical feedback suppression
  • Energy saving mode
Participants following a conference with headsets and INTEGRUS Pocket Receiver. Interpreter behind her DICENTIS Interpreter desk.

INTEGRUS Language Distribution System

  • Advanced digital technology for a superior listening experience
  • Secure, tamper-free infrared audio signal distribution
  • No interference from Wi-Fi signal jammers or lighting
  • Flexible, license-based expansion of up to 32 channels
  • Easy and seamless integration with the IP-based DICENTIS Conference System
  • Hassle-free operation and maintenance with long battery lifetime

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Adam Osborne

Adam Osborne
Country Sales Manager - UK & Ireland

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