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Video Security for Facilities

Enhancing safety and security for facilities

Prioritizing safety, security, and privacy while improving facility operations.

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Efficient monitoring and management of correctional, healthcare, and public and social housing facilities is crucial for promoting safety, preventing misconduct, and reducing security risks. A successful safety and security solution requires the right product design combined with artificial intelligence (AI) to keep a virtual eye on sensitive areas, so operators don’t need to monitor every enclosed space around the clock.


Prioritizing safety, security, and privacy in facilities

Monitor confined spaces like bedrooms, lavatories, confinement areas, vestibules, or elevator cabs while masking sensitive areas like toilets and showers, assuring personal integrity.

Robust surveillance

Our cameras are impact-resistant to withstand brute force and designed to continue working even if the exterior is scratched or damaged from vandalism. The FLEXIDOME corner 7100i IR camera takes it a step further with a no-grip design to support a ligature-resistant environment, preventing the attachment of cords, ropes, or other materials to avert self-harm.

Ideal for confined spaces

Correctional, healthcare, and housing facility professionals can rely on our cameras for their monitoring needs. Our portfolio includes cameras that offer a wide field of view to eliminate blind spots especially helpful in confined spaces and stairwells while capturing high-quality images even in low light.

Facilities solutions overview

FLEXIDOME corner 7100i IR for facilities

Facility camera and technology portfolio

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