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Intelligent Video Analytics

Safeguard manufacturing processes with Intelligent Video Analytics

Smart video security and access control system protect the world’s leading tequila manufacturer

Two boilers in a tequila factory

Located in the Mexican town of Tequila, the Casa Cuervo factory is a major tourist destination. With a company history dating back to the year 1758, Casa Cuervo is the world’s leading manufacturer of tequila with a 30 percent share of the global market. The brand heritage site welcomes thousands of visitors every year but is also an active production facility. As a result, the factory’s new security system needed to pull double duty: Keeping tourists safe, while also protecting the company’s time-honored manufacturing processes.

Securing centuries of brand heritage

Taps and boilers in the factory

Safety is paramount at Latin America’s oldest active distillery, not only for all the international visitors roaming the premises on guided tours, but also for the company’s workforce and factory property. When Casa Cuervo decided to install a new video security and access control system, it needed to perform several tasks at once: First, keep tourists safe as they explore the production process from agave cooking to barrel aging. Second, safeguard internal processes from manufacturing all the way to truck loading. And third, limit access to sensitive areas only to authorized personnel. What’s more, the new system needed to blend into the environment without attracting attention, as not to disturb the positive brand heritage experience.

No blind spots thanks to ‘smart’ cameras

Considering these safety requirements, experts from Bosch Mexico installed an integrated security system at the Casa Cuervo factory. Video security is provided by over 150 IP-based cameras from Bosch, installed indoors and outdoors throughout the premises. As the model of choice, most cameras are from the Flexidome line of ‘smart’ cameras that can be mounted discreetly on ceilings and walls to keep a low profile. While delivering sharp images and wide viewing angles to cover expansive areas, the cameras also support security personnel with built-in intelligence: Thanks to Intelligent Video Analytics – using algorithms and image recognition technology – the Flexidome cameras leave no ‘blind spots’ unprotected and trigger alarms when security incidents occur.

IP-based Bosch cameras
The security team in the control room receives an automatic alert when unauthorized persons enter restricted areas or other safety concerns arise. These security alerts appear on-screen automatically, based on customized rules set up specifically for the Casa Cuervo factory via the intuitive user interface of the Bosch Video Management System software suite.
Smart video cameras from Bosch

The ‘smart’ video cameras also trigger alerts when doors or passageways in the warehouse area are blocked to protect employees from accidents. Each camera provides this level of intelligence by adding metadata to video images ‘at the edge’ via built-in capabilities, which saves cost by requiring no additional computing power. Aside from adding structure and meaning to recorded images, this metadata offers insights beyond security: Casa Cuervo can achieve process optimization by monitoring workflows and pathways for informed business decisions based on statistics.

Secure from hazardous conditions and unauthorized access

Next to delivering full visibility of the premises and around-the-clock safety, the video security solution can also handle the rugged conditions in restricted parts of the Casa Cuervo factory. After all, alcohol distillery is an intensive physical process. That’s why explosion-proof and corrosion-free models from the Flexidome line are deployed in areas where high temperature distillation or excessive humidity occur. In order to prevent guests from accidentally wandering into these dangerous areas, the video security system integrates with access control solutions from Bosch. For an extra layer of safety, critical areas can only be accessed by authorized personnel with the right keycards and after cross-verification with the video image. Behind the scenes, user access rights and licenses are managed centrally via the Building Integration System from Bosch.

Machines inside the tequila factory

Since installation in late 2018 the integrated video security and access control system at the Casa Cuervo factory has lived up to all customer requirements. Powered by Intelligent Video Analytics, the ‘smart’ cameras blend into the scenery to watch out for security incidents at all times without disturbing the historic ambiance. Programmed to the exact specifications of the world’s oldest tequila distillery, the system ensures a safe experience of tequila-making tradition in the front, supported by end-to-end security and monitoring of critical business processes in the back.

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