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Configure and maintain devices remotely

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The Bosch Remote Portal makes remote connection to customer devices quick and easy. Installers can monitor supported devices and perform maintenance and configuration tasks remotely, supported by the cloud, saving time and money.

The Remote Portal offers many more features and services that benefit installers or can be provided to customers as new offerings.

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A secure and up-to-date solution

Developed with security in mind

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The Remote Portal means state of the art connection security using strong encryption and certificates. For example, connections use strong 128-bit AES encryption and are established from device to cloud without exposure of devices to the public internet. Additionally, certificates are used for browser and device connections to prevent fraudulent connections.

Moreover, the Cloud is continuously monitored and updated to maintain security of connected devices. Regular updates are automatically deployed and ready to use, bringing also new device compatibility and additional services.

Remote Services

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Easily connect devices to the Remote Portal without network changes at a customer site.


- Registration support is built into the device and configuration software of compatible devices. No extra downloads required

- Remote Portal connection requires no change to the network configuration on site and eliminates need for 3rd party dynamic DNS

- Simply connect devices to the Remote Portal by registering them with your account

- The connection is automatically secured by powerful encryption and certificates on device and cloud

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Easily connect devices to the Remote Portal without network changes at a customer site.
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Troubleshoot, prepare for on site visits or perform configuration updates at any time from your office.


- Devices connected to Remote Portal can be configured remotely using familiar software and device configuration pages as would be available on site

- Plan your site visits in advance and improve your maintenance efficiency

- Confirm status of all devices from one central place

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Troubleshoot, prepare for on site visits or perform configuration updates at any time from your office.
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Manage device access and services from the Remote Portal.


- Grant access for configuration to multiple users

- Create credentials for end customers to connect to devices by mobile apps with dedicated accounts

- Subscribe, configure and use services that improve your efficiency and give you new service opportunities not available before

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Manage device access and services from the Remote Portal
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Remote Services for Fire Systems

Step into the future of fire systems with Remote Services from Bosch.