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Bosch Security and Safety Systems I India

Our partner Qognify

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Qognify is a leading provider of intelligent video and security management solutions. Qognify empower organizations with cutting-edge technology to enhance safety, optimize operations, and protect people and assets.


Joint offering

Qognify VMS, built upon the established Cayuga security platform. Tailored to meet the distinctive needs of enterprise video users and seamlessly interact with diverse 3rd-party systems, devices, and sensors, it serves as the central hub for your physical security ecosystem. With its modular architecture, Qognify VMS is adept at accommodating the evolving demands of enterprise projects, ensuring a flexible and future-proof solution that extends beyond physical security.

Video security:
Qognify video solutions use Bosch cameras for license plate recognition and to assign plates to authorization groups. They trigger specific events or restrict entry to a defined time slot by using an electronic ticket system.

Cayuga also offers Privacy Masking and Motion Scrambling to protect the privacy of employees, customers and visitors. Because Bosch Smart Drivers are included, the latest camera models can be used without installing new drivers, giving you the freedom to plan and implement flexible solutions.

System downtime can be reduced to an absolute minimum by using a combination of edge recording with Bosch cameras and Cayuga failover recording. The system also improves situational awareness thanks to advanced video analytics integrated with Qognify Video and Enterprise Incident Management Systems.


Bosch cameras seamlessly integrate with Qognify's analytics interface, empowering our customers to maximize the value of their security investments.

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