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You provide security and comfort throughout your passengers’ entire journey

The multiple roles played by today’s airports pose considerable security challenges. Airports must therefore meet incredibly demanding criteria with regard to security, safety, communications and building automation. Challenges include:

  • Protecting passengers and employees
  • Preventing terrorism in its many possible forms - bomb threats, suicide attacks, sabotage and hijacking of aircraft
  • Dealing with fire and explosions
  • Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations

Managing these challenges is a daunting task, since many different areas need to be monitored: perimeters, parking structures, terminals and other passenger facilities, aprons, airfields, shops, restaurants etc. Solutions from Bosch Security Systems help airports to master these security, safety and communication challenges.

Our solutions for airports

video systems product range

Video Systems

Video Systems

We push the boundaries of technology to develop intelligent video solutions that go beyond the highest security demands of today and deliver clear business advantages beyond security.

By re-purposing the data we can help airport customers to take smarter business decisions, reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve sales.

Bosch believes that smarter video solutions go beyond security.

Video analytics is an important enabler of any strategy to substantially improve levels of security, as well as offering clear business advantages beyond security. It acts as the 'brains' of a security system, using metadata to add sense and structure to captured video footage. In effect, each network video camera becomes smart, enabling them to understand what they're seeing and alerting guards to any potential threats the moment an alarm rule is met, significantly increasing security levels.

They can even decide which information to stream to reduce network strain. This is why we offer a fully intelligent portfolio with built-in video analytics as standard as of the IP 4000i cameras.

video systems product range

Public Address

Public Address

High-quality public address and voice evacuation systems are essential for dealing with security and safety challenges. These allow localized and airport-wide gate calls and other announcements as well as integration with airline databases, gate management systems, etc.

Modular public address and emergency sound systems from Bosch are ideal for all of these applications. They can handle everything from routine announcements to emergency notifications – always with maximum reliability and speech intelligibility. The Praesideo digital public address and emergency sound system from Bosch is suitable for even the largest airports.

conference system in use

Conference Systems

Conference Systems

With their direct links to other cities and countries, airports are becoming increasingly popular venues for conferences of all kinds. The Digital Congress Network (DCN) from Bosch is today’s leading conferencing solution:

– Interpreting facilities for simultaneous translation into up to 32 languages at once
– High-quality sound reproduction
– Choice of wired and/or wireless configurations for maximum flexibility and fast setup
– Recording of all statements and speeches

conference system in use

Management Software

Management Software

With all of the safety, security, communication and building automation systems that can be installed in an airport, it is a challenge to efficiently manage and coordinate them all.

The Building Integration System (BIS) from Bosch provides a single Web-based cockpit for monitoring all security, safety and building management systems. This includes alarm management, fast alarm pinpointing via location maps, and follow-up procedures. It also seamlessly integrates fire and intrusion alarms, as well as evacuation, access control, CCTV and building automation systems.

Use of the BIS lets a single operator monitor and control all security systems, in addition to enabling faster responses to emergencies and greater overall effectiveness.


Customer stories

Landing gear and wings of an airplane

Changchun Longjia International Airport, China

Storing massive amounts of video data becomes a challenge, not only when over 1,000 installed cameras record around the clock, but especially when the data they deliver should be stored in an energy-efficient manner and without compromising image quality for 90 days. Changchun Longjia International Airport solved this challenge when it added a new second terminal building.

Terminal budapest Airport

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, Hungary

Waiting times at airport security checkpoints are often unpredictable, making them a headache for travelers and Security Managers. The right technology can provide some help – such as an intelligent solution that keeps lines from getting too long at Budapest Airport.

airplane on landing field cancun airport

Cancun Airport

When the airport added a new terminal, it also unified video surveillance. Today, suspicious incidents are monitored and managed seamlessly across all four terminals from a single control room.

Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates

Emirates Airline passengers expect the best, and not just in the air. At the carrier’s main hub in Dubai, a 3,500-speaker, integrated public address and evacuation system from Bosch gets rid of the garble in favor of optimal acoustic design. And airport announcements you can actually understand.

Xi’an Airport

Xi’an Airport, China

The Western Aviation Group told us they were ready to go digital, and Bosch delivered 3,500 loudspeakers, 1,600 security cameras and an intelligent platform linking access control, flying zone alarms and perimeter alarms. It may be far afield, but Xi’an Xianyang Airport is at the digital forefront.

Airport Antallya Terminal

Antalya Airport, Turkey

The flight information system chats with the public address system. The fire detection system butts into the conversation when it has to. And when things get critical, the Antalya Airport talks to you – crisply, clearly and at the perfect volume.

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Bosch empowers you to build a safer and more secure world.