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Conference and Discussion

DICENTIS Hybrid Meetings

An efficient hybrid meeting solution with a mix of onsite and remote participants, representing the future of conferencing in professional meeting environments like councils and boardrooms.

Remote participant behind a tablet or PC attends a meeting remotely. On screen the DICENTIS Hybrid Meetings collaboration tool, the hybrid meeting solution from Bosch, is shown.

DICENTIS Hybrid Meetings is a complete end-to-end solution that ticks all the boxes for highly efficient, legally compliant meetings. It offers specific functions for professional meetings to ensure a complete and stable conference workflow – centrally controlled over a straightforward, intuitive interface for the chairperson/meeting manager. The seamless hybrid meeting environment provides everyone with equal participation options in a familiar, easy-to-use software interface, providing a perfect meeting experience. Regardless of physical location, each participant is fully involved and enjoys the same speech priorities, voting rights, language selection menu and content sharing options.

In-person meeting participants with activated microphones sharing content and presentations with remote participants.

In-person versus remote participation

Visual cues like body language, eye contact, spatial distance and tone of voice are still best perceived when people meet in person. This also creates person-to-person experiences such as socializing and networking, therefore in-person meetings are still crucial. In parallel, the need for virtual meeting participation is rapidly increasing as a highly efficient option for conferences, bringing many positive effects such as increased workplace flexibility, reduced travel costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

Left: Remote meeting participant is logging on to DICENTIS Hybrid Meetings, the hybrid meeting solution from Bosch. Right: Onsite participants logging on to the DICENTIS Conference System.

Equal participation is key

Providing equal participation and collaboration with all professional functions that are needed for conferencing is key in a hybrid meeting environment. Therefore, Bosch is evolving from standalone conference systems to a fully native, end-to-end hybrid solution, creating a flexible environment to maximize meeting efficiency and effectiveness.


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What are the true benefits of DICENTIS Hybrid Meetings?

Best practices: All the ins and outs of hosting a successful hybrid meeting

Modern conferencing has evolved towards hybrid meeting solutions, offering a flexible meeting environment with an extremely effective mix of onsite and remote participants. The Bosch seamless hybrid meeting environment surpasses standard online video conferencing solutions that do not fulfill all requirements and provides everyone with equal participation options in an easy-to-use interface.

The road to DICENTIS Hybrid Meetings

Consultants, system integrators, installers, venue owners and end-users can all benefit from DICENTIS Hybrid Meetings. Easy to specify, install, adapt and use, it bridges the gap between need and functionality. The requirements of our customers have been at the heart of the creation of the DICENTIS Hybrid Meeting application.

Please contact your Bosch sales representative for more information and/or a demonstration of the DICENTIS Hybrid Meetings solution.


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